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June 21, 2012

Videos of Shaggy live at Cauet on NRJ

Shaggy live at Cauet on NRJ
Shaggy was the special guest at tonight’s Cauet on NRJ! Shaggy, Cauet and the team had a lot of fun. Check out some videos of the show below!

Wanna see what happened when Cauet tried to imitate Shaggy? Here’s a video! Shaggy also performed his energetic and bubbly new single Girls Just Wanna Have Fun live!

Shaggy performs his happy-go-lucky new single Girls Just Wanna Have Fun live at Cauet!


June 7, 2012

Today: Shaggy in the Dunking Donuts Studio on the Run @ WPIX Morning News

Today: Shaggy in the Dunkin’ Donuts Studio on the Run at WPIX Morning News
Shaggy will be featured in the Dunkin’ Donuts Studio on the Run at New York’s WPIX this morning! He’ll be talking to Lisa Mateo about his upcoming performance at the Adidas Jamboree Grand Prix in New York and more. The footage was recorded at the Adidas Jamboree Backyard Brunch (photos)!

WPIX Morning News video
You can now watch the interview video on WPIX in the Dunkin’ Donuts Studio on the Run!

Adidas Jamboree concert
The Adidas Jamboree concert will be held at Icahn Stadium in Randall’s Island in New York on June 9th! The concert, which celebrates the 50th anniversary for both Jamaica and Trinidad, will feature performances by Shaggy, Shabba Ranks, Richie Stephens and Faye-Ann Lyons! Grab your tickets now!

April 6, 2012

Upcoming song & video: Shaggy & Leo Aberer – Football is My Life!

Upcoming song & video: Shaggy & Leo Aberer record “Football is My Life” for the UEFA EURO 2012!
Shaggy and Leo Aberer recorded “Football is my life” for the upcoming UEFA EURO 2012 Championships! Chili TV visited them on set in New York and reports!

Chili TV: Shaggy & Leo Aberer “Football is My Life” interview

Wanna know more about how they got to work together? Visit Leo for an article with photos by Krone and for the story behind this duet!

March 11, 2012

Video of the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun video shoot (Day 2)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun video shoot (Day 2)
TVJ’s Entertainment Report was on set of the second day of Shaggy’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun video shoot, which took place at Fiction Lounge in Kingston, Jamaica. Check out their footage including an interview with Shaggy below!

TVJ on set of the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun video shoot!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun video shoot (Day 2) and song
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun features Eve, here are a preview of the song and photos of the first day of the video shoot!

February 14, 2012

Grammy Awards Weekend: The Roots Jam Session!

Shaggy performs at The Roots Jam Session
Shaggy, Rahzel, Dez Duron, Jaiden, Bilal, India Irie, Pras, Elle Varner, Trombone Shorty, Childish Gambino and Bill Maher were among the artists to perform at the Grammy Awards weekend’s 8th annual The Roots Jam Session! Shaggy mashed up the place when he entered the stage singing Boombastic to Rahzel’s beatboxing, followed by a performance of Angel and It Wasn’t Me and a dancehall freestyle. Check out his performance below!

The Roots, Shaggy, Rahzel, Jaiden and Dez Duron live video!

Go over to Billboard for a review with photos! And check 3680 Photography’s photo gallery with several photos of Shaggy and others!

Grammy Awards Weekend

Grammy Awards
Shaggy’s new feel good album Summer in Kingston was nominated for Best Reggae Album at the 2012 Grammy Awards! Congrats to all Grammy Awards nominees and winners, among whom Stephen Marley! Looking super fly in a Hugo Boss suit with Chris Aire jewellery and Dolce & Gabana belt, Shaggy attended the awards ceremony.

Shaggy’s Grammy Awards style
Wanna take a good look at Shaggy’s Grammy Awards style? Go over to E Online’s 360 degrees Glam Cam or the Getty Images, Contact Music, AP Images and Corbis photo galleries!

Red Carpet Interviews
Shaggy talked to, VIBE, Yahoo, CBS and Fuse about representing Jamaica at the Grammy Awards and the loss of Whitney Houston. interviews Shaggy

Fuse interviews Shaggy

More photos and videos

January 24, 2012

Fox News Star Traveler

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Fox News Star Traveler: Shaggy
Fox News’ Star Traveler features stars, who are asked about one of the countries they have visited. Today’s Star Traveler is Shaggy! He talks about the beauty of Italy, Italian reggae parties and more. Watch the interview video here!

Fox News’ Star Traveler: Shaggy

January 6, 2012

Tracy Morgan, William Shatner, Pawn Stars and Shaggy backstage on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Backstage interview and photo at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC
After Shaggy and Kat DeLuna heated up television with their sizzling hot performance of the new single Dame on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (watch it here), Shaggy was interviewed by Bryan Branly about this hot new record, performing with Kat DeLuna and his Grammy nominated album Summer in Kingston. Watch the interview video below (Shaggy is featured at around 3:39 minutes into the video)!

Video: Bryan Branly interviews Tonight Show guests Tracy Morgan, William Shatner, Pawn Stars and Shaggy

Comedian Tracy Morgan’s backstage photo with Shaggy!
Tracy Morgan and Shaggy backstage on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC

January 1, 2012

Shaggy and Wayne Marshall on OnStage TV for Shaggy & Friends

OnStage TV interviews Shaggy and Wayne Marshall
Winford Williams interviewed artists Shaggy and Wayne Marshall for the New Year’s Eve episode of OnStage TV on CVM TV! They spoke about their recent and upcoming projects, their upcoming combination and the Shaggy & Friends charity concert for the Bustamante Hospital for Children!

Shaggy & Wayne Marshall on OnStage TV

Shaggy & Friends Charity Concert
The Shaggy & Friends charity concert is taking place on January 7 on the Lawns of Jamaican House. The line-up is pretty impressive as it features Shaggy, Lauryn Hill, Eve, Half-Pint, Coco Tea, Maxi Priest, I-Octane, Gyptian, Mr Vegas, Wayne Marshall, Tami Chynn, Deniece Williams, Agent Sasco and Romain Virgo. All proceeds of the concerts go to the Bustamante Hospital For Children!

September 10, 2011

Memories of 9/11

Tomorrow it’s 10 years ago that the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon shook the world. Reuters asked Shaggy, Kate Winslet, Justin Bieber, Ne-Yo and other celebrities about their memories of this tragedy, here’s the video!

Shaggy says at 1:05 minutes: “I was amazed at how they just went, I thought like, ‘okay the plane hit it, you know, it’s the World Trade Center, are you kidding me right now?’ And when they just started falling, I was like ‘wow. What is this?'”

September 5, 2011

Shaggy performs Sugarcane on NBC Today Show & Shaggy interview: The video!

Shaggy performs his new single Sugarcane on the NBC Today Show
Shaggy gave an amazing performance of his off the hook new single Sugarcane on the NBC Today Show with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford. Hoda and Kathie Lee also interviewed Shaggy about touring and his new feel good album Summer in Kingston. Watch the video below!

Shaggy Summer in Kingston album cover new 2011 off the hook Shaggy album Mr Boombastic is back with yet another smash hitKathie Lee and Hoda call Sugarcane the most infectious summer song ever! Sugarcane is the first single on Shaggy’s amazing new feel good album Summer in Kingston, which is available for a fan appreciation price of just $2.99 on iTunes!

VIDEO: Shaggy performs his new single Sugarcane live on the NBC Today Show
& interview by Hoda Kotb & Kathie Lee Gifford

August 25, 2011

Grammy Awards 5 Questions With… Shaggy!

Grammy-winning dancehall reggae artist Shaggy recently participated in an installment of The Recording Academy’s 5 Questions With… series. Held at The Academy’s headquarters in Santa Monica, California, Shaggy discussed topics such as songwriting, musical influences, advice for young musicians, his service in the Marine Corps, and his latest album, Summer In Kingston.

What is it like to be nominated for and to win Grammy Awards? What are some of the biggest moments he experienced in his career? What does Shaggy say about his great new album Summer in Kingston and about his charity work for the Bustamente Hospital for Children?

What’s Shaggy’s songwriting process like? And what’s his advice to aspiring young musicians? Watch Shaggy’s answers on the Grammy Awards 5 Questions with… Shaggy on!

The Grammy Awards Shaggy interview

August 24, 2011

Reuters interviews Shaggy (video) during the U.S. earthquake

Reuters Shaggy interview
Shaggy was interviewed a couple of hours ago by Reuters about his awesome new album Summer in Kingston, which features the sweet summer vibes of his new single Sugarcane!

They also talked about the upcoming third installment of the Shaggy & Friends charity concert Shaggy’s organizing for the Bustamente Hospital for Children! Shaggy was caught mid-interview by a 5.9 earthquake that shook the US. He commented: “Is it me or is this place shaking right now, why is it shaking? Dude, it’s shaking so much that this thing is actually moving.”

Watch the interview video on Reuters: “Shaggy continues to rock up the charts

Reuters Shaggy interview during the August 23 earthquake

July 29, 2011

Upcoming and new UK interviews

Shaggy NOT at Merah Club, London tonight
Shaggy tweeted: “I will not be at that Club in London that is advertising me for tonight. You can see me Sunday at the One Love Peace Festival, Wembley Arena”

Shaggy with Westwood on BBC Radio 1Xtra (today 6 P.M.)
Shaggy will join Vis (in for Westwood) to count down the 6@6 GMT+1 on BBC Radio 1Xtra! Tune in! And check the 1Xtra webcam as well!

Shaggy’s Top 10 on BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra (July 31)
BBC Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra will broadcast Shaggy’s Top 10 on BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Radio 1 at 5 A.M. GMT+1 on Sunday, July 31! Shaggy is performing at the One Love Peace Festival at the Wembley Arena in London later that day. Tune in!

Shaggy on Choice FM
Shaggy was on Choice FM with Max and Kojo this morning and the interview was great fun! Here’s a photo of Shaggy and Max! And one of Shaggy and Kojo! Haven’t heard the interview yet or wanna listen again? We got you covered, listen to part of the interview again on the Choice FM Breakfast podcast!

Max and Shaggy at the Choice FM Breakfast show in London UK interviewKojo and Shaggy at Choice FM studio London UK

Shaggy on Daybreak on ITV
Shaggy joined Dan and Kate to talk about his performance at Sunday’s One Love Peace Festival at the Wembley Arena in London. UK: watch the interview video online!

Heatwave Shaggy interview: music, One Love Peace Festival and more
Loukia C interviewed Shaggy for Heatwave ahead of his concert at the One Love Peace Festival on July 31. Was it Shaggy or not? How has Shaggy’s music evolved and what’s the importance of cross-over music? How did Bob Marley’s music influence Shaggy? What can people expect from the One Love Peace Festival? Read the answers and much more in the Heatwave interview!

We’re looking forward to having you here in the UK, are you looking forward to performing?
“Absolutely! It’s been about five years since I have been here and actually done a concert in the UK. So you know, Wembley Arena is a fitting venue for the occasion and I think and the occasion is fitting as it’s for a good cause. The best way to stop violence is through music: the celebration of music is a celebration of peace, love and harmony.”

As you mentioned, the One Love festival is supporting a campaign against gun and knife crime. Is this something you feel strongly about?
“Well there’s always been an issue about these things in dancehall and West Indian culture in itself, so yes. A lot of people have thought of dancehall as the music of violence and guns and homophobia. But I remember when reggae music was the music of sun, fun, peace, love and weed; you know what I mean?

Is it important to cross over?
Absolutely! We have to engage with it. When a hip hop artist goes on tour you see all these big sponsors for them but this doesn’t happen for reggae artists. We need to get a level of consumerism for reggae music.

And your new album Summer In Kingston – what was the stimulation for that?
You’re going to love it and you’re going to live with it. It’s a real feel good album. It’s only got eight tracks and will only be released digitally.

The first single, Sugarcane, is a catchy little number…
Yes! It’s that cheeky, tongue in cheek, ambiguous type of song with a comedic undertone, which is true of Shaggy. When you listen to it it’s uplifting – it’s feel good music. It’s a new Shaggy, with a new vibe.

Shaggy supports new mentoring system
Shaggy and the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, are teaming up to launch a new mentoring system, to encourage more Londoners to become mentors, at City Hall at 9.30 AM today!

More UK Shaggy interviews

July 11, 2011

TEMPO Turns 6 / Six Flags Caribbean concert videos and Torches on the Hudson photos

TEMPO Turns 6 / Six Flags Caribbean concert
Shaggy performed at the TEMPO turns 6 (Six Flags Caribbean concert) during the weekend and attendees say that the performance was top notch! Here’s a photo of Shaggy & Rayvon on stage!

It Wasn’t Me & the awesome new Sugarcane!

Sugarcane is the first single on Shaggy’s upcoming album Summer in Kingston, which will be released on July 19! Get your copy of Sugarcane now on iTunes, Amazon, Juno and HMV!

Newstube tv: Boombastic, Angel, interview and It Wasn’t Me!Mr Boombastic doing his thing live at Torches on the Hudson New YorkTorches on the Hudson
Shaggy performed at Torches on the Hudson at Newburgh, New York after his show at the Six Flags Caribbean Concert in New Jersey! DJ Enferno: “Torches was en fuente,” “Good times!”, Nicky: “The concert was off the hook” and Nicole: “Great performance… It couldn’t have been a better night!” Here’s a photo of Shaggy on stage! And take a look at this photo gallery by Tekk Photo! And at the Angie B and Torches on the Hudson photo gallery!

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