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May 1, 2007


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Pure Pleasure (1993)
Soon Be Done
Give Thanks and Praise
Oh Carolina
Tek Set
Bedroom Bounty Hunter
Nice and Lovely
Love How Them Flex
All Virgins
It Bun Me
Big Up
Bow Wow Wow
Follow Me
Oh Carolina (Raas Bumba Claat Version) *

Original Doberman (1994)
Kibbles And Bits
Bullet Proof Buddy
We Never Danced To The Rub-A-Dub Sound
Jump And Rock
P. H. A. T.
Wild Fire
Glamity Power
Man A Mi Yard
Get Down To It

Boombastic (1996)
In The Summertime
Something Different
Forgive Them Father
Heartbreak Suzie
Finger Smith
Why You Treat Me So Bad
Woman A Pressure Me
The Train Is Coming
Island Lover
Day Oh
How Much More
Gal Yu A Pepper
Boombastic (Sting Remix) *

Original Shaggy In Dub (1996)
Man A Yard In Dub
Bullet Proof In Dub
Chow In Dub
Need Fire In Dub
Solderine In Dub
Phat In Dub
Rubba Dub Sound
Kibbees & Bits In Dub
Jump & Rock In Dub
Lately In Dub
Alimony In Dub

Shaggy Remix Album (1996)
Boombastic (Stonebridge Vocal Remix)
Nice & Lovely (Frankie Cutlass Remix)
Why You Treat Me So Bad (Soul Inside Mix)
In the Summertime (Roberts Fatta Remix)
Ah-E-A-Oh (Livingsting Remix)
Oh! Carolina
Something Different (Livingsting Remix)
Soon Be Done (Livingsting Remix)
Gal Look Good (Livingsting Remix)
Demand Ride (Livingsting Remix)
Heartbreak Suzie (Livingsting Remix)
Boombastic (Sting Shaggy Remix)

Midnite Lover (1997)
My Dream
Perfect Song
Tender Love
Sexy Body Girls
Piece Of My Heart
Think Ah So It Go
Midnite Lover
Way Back Home
John Doe
Thank You Lord
Piece of My Heart (Urban Remix) *

Hot Shot (2000)
Hot Shot
Lonely Lover
Dance & Shout
Leave It To Me
Keep’n It Real
Luv Me, Luv Me
Freaky Girl
It Wasn’t Me
Not Fair
Hey Love
Why Me Lord?
Chica Bonita *
Dance and Shout (Dancehall Version) *
Why You Mad At Me *

Mr Lover Lover (2002)
Boombastic (Sting Remix)
In The Summertime
Oh Carolina
Luv Me Luv Me
Nice & Lovely
The Train Is Coming
Why You Treat Me So Bad
Big Up
Piece Of My Heart
Sexy Body Girls
Something Different
That Girl
Get Up Stand Up

Hot Shot Ultramix (2002)
It Wasn’t Me (Punch Mix)
Special Request (Rough Cut Demo)
Freaky Girl (Strip Mix)
Too Hot To Handle
Why You Mad At Me
Keep’n It Real (Swingers)
Leave It To Me (Early Mix)
Chica Bonita (Players Mix)
It Wasn’t Me (The Cartel Mix)
Dance & Shout (Dancehall)
Hope (Dukes Mix)
Angel (Live)

Lucky Day (2002)
Shake Shake Shake
Full Control
Hookie Jookie
Hey Sexy Lady
Get My Party On
Lucky Day
Strength Of A Woman
Strange Love
Leave Me Alone
These Are The Lips
Give Thanks
Walking In My Shoes
We Are The Ones
Hey Sexy Lady
High Beam *
Get Away *
Hey Sexy Lady (Original Sting International Mix) *
Hey Sexy Lady (Dancehall Version) *

Clothes Drop (2005)
Clothes Drop
Ready Fi Di Ride
Wild 2Nite
Back In The Days
Supa Hypnotic
Would You Be
Stand Up
Luv Me Up
Ahead In Life
Shut Up And Dance
Don’t Ask Her That
Road Block
Gone With Angels
Letter To My Kids
Hold Me *
Goodie Goodie *
Sexy Gyal Whind *
No Competition *

Intoxication (2007)
Can’t Hold Me
Bonafide Girl feat. Rik Rok and Tony Gold
Those Were the Days feat. Na’Sha
More Woman
Woman’s Scorn feat. Na’Sha
Mad, Mad World feat. Sizzla Kalonji & Collie Buddz
What’s Love feat. Akon
Outta Control feat. Rayvon
Church Heathen
Wear Di Crown feat. Mischieve
Holla At You
All About Love
Body A Shake *
Reggae Vibes *
Who a Wear Di Jacket *
A Nuh You A Nuh Me *
Can’t Take My Flava *
Feel the Rush *
Videos *

The Best of Shaggy (Virgin Records US 2008)
Boombastic (Album Version)
In The Summertime feat. Rayvon
Oh Carolina
That Girl feat. Maxi Priest
Piece Of My Heart feat. Marsha
Sexy Body Girls
Why You Treat Me So Bad
Big Up feat. Rayvon
Soon Be Done
Woman A Pressure Me
The Train Is Coming
Geenie feat. Brian & Tony Gold

The Best of Shaggy: The Boombastic Collection (Universal Music 2008)
Strength of a Woman
Hey Sexy Lady
Feel the Rush
Those Days
Don’t Ask Her That
It Wasn’t Me
In the Summertime
Luv Me Luv Me
Oh Carolina
Ready Fi Di Ride
Church Heathen
Leave It to Me
Would You Be
Wild 2Nite
Gone With the Angels

& Shaggy Parrot and The Reggae Band (2008 CD for children)

Shaggy & Friends (Scikron Entertainment / BigYard Music Group 2011)
Too Cute feat. Ty-Arie
Good Times feat. Ty-Arie
Believe feat. Jaiden
Everything You Need feat. Sting International
Can’t Fight this Feeling feat. Chris Birch
Thank You feat. Rik Rok
Shaggy & Rayvon Show feat. Rayvon
I’m Rebel
This Could Be Your Day feat. Tony Gold
I’m Sorry feat. Qwote
Holla At You remix
Gal Roll feat. D-Lynx
You See Him Face feat. Christopher Martin
Needle Eye feat. Rayvon

* = country specific bonus track

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