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June 30, 2007

New Big Yard songs: Shaggy featuring Ninja Man A Nuh U A Nuh Me, Shaggy Rihanna Umbrella Remix, Big Yard riddim promo and more…

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Danny Pepperseed from Ovadoze Movement will play the newest Big Yard tunes today on his Dancehall Vibes show on Stadsradio Helmond: Shaggy and Ninja Man A Nuh U, A Nuh Me (an anti-HIV pro-safe sex song) from the new Big Yard Riddim promo, which was produced by BigYard’s big man Robert Livingston and also features tracks by Rayvon, D-Linx and Wayne Fire; as well as Rihanna and Shaggy Umbrella remix. You can listen to the radio show online between 1 and 3 p.m. GMT/CST (find your local times here), it will not be stored online.

It’s definitely a good show to listen to if you’re into dancehall music and if you wanna hear the newest Shaggy tunes, you really should check this one out!

Listen live here.

Big up Nicole and Danny Pepperseed!

June 28, 2007

Shaggy live on TRL video

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Shaggy did a very successfull performance on the Italian Total Request Live in Milan. There’s a live concert video of him performing Hey Sexy right here. The Hey Sexy Lady song is in the middle of the video.

Put your hands in the air if you’re sexy, put you’re hands in the air if you’re wild, I mean go watch the video.

Don’t forget to check back on this site this Saturday to listen to a radio show featuring two new Shaggy songs!

June 27, 2007

Shaggy dubs in Italy on Monday, live on MTV TRL today

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Shaggy had a dub session in Milan on Monday (see Bashment and Heavy Hammer). I haven’t been able to find a link to listen to it afterwards but who knows…you just might get it.

Also, Shaggy will present the Italian MTV Total Request Live show today. Featured artists are Paola and Chiara, Vanilla Sky and Ghosts. If you receive Italian MTV… enjoy, if not… catch it on Overdrive or elsewhere! The Boombastic show will at least feature the Intoxication reggae vibes from Church Heathen and much more

June 26, 2007

New Shaggy songs

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A certain very hot radio show that’ll be broadcast next Saturday will feature not just one but two new Shaggy songs, one of them I knew about for some time but I hadn’t mentioned on here yet. So… if you wanna know more… come back then as I’ll have the link up by Saturday!

Shaggy in Italy

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Shaggy is in Italy today to perform at a very exclusive invitation-only show at La Rythmoteque in Milan. The invitation reads that “Shaggy has decided to have a party where he will present material off his new album”. He’ll be performing at La Rithmoteque, as well as Italian reggae act Twofingerz.

If you speak Italian: L.S.

June 25, 2007

June 25 – FunkMaster Flex Custom Car and Bike Show Pics and Much More

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Shaggy and Elephant Man represented at FunkMaster Flex’s Custom Car and Bike Show, which was also attended by FunkMaster Flex himself of course, as well as Fat Joe, Ice-T, LL Cool J, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Fabolous, Clark Kent and Angie Martinez to name a few (full gallery here). I also found a couple of radio promos/interview, news paper articles and even a very recent video, but they’ll be added later.

June 24, 2007

10th Annual Caribbean Sea Breeze Festival

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Shaggy, Buju Banton, Cocoa Tea, Elephant Man, Supa G, Mime and more will perform on the 10th Annual Caribbean Sea Breeze Festival in Long Beach, California, on July 22. More news in a couple of days!

June 23, 2007

Some more Shaggy in Dubai; new Shaggy remixing

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Shaggy might be present at Funkmaster Flex’s Custom Car and Bike Show today in New Jersey, but there are still some reviews of the Shaggy in Dubai concert that I hadn’t linked yet. Shaggy played One Love, Three Little Birds, Get Up Stand Up, Redemption Song and some more Bob Marley classics at the concert in the Madinat Arena on June 7 in the United Arab Emirates, as well as his own work, which was all received enthusiastically. Read more in the articles beneath:

Review and picture in Khaleejtimes
A second review and concert pic on Gulf News

Avid reader Nicole mailed me that Big Yard also released a promo of a remix by Shaggy of Rihanna’s hit song Umbrella. Thanks to Danny Pepperseed from Ovadoze Movement!

June 22, 2007

Shaggy in Da’Ville’s Always on My Mind video

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Shaggy makes an appearance in the new video clip by Da’Ville featuring Sean Paul for the remix of Always on My Mind. The video was shot two-and-a-half weeks ago by Ras Kassa in Port Royal and tells the tale of a love that although it isn’t always perfect, their loves are always on the artists’ minds. As soon as a decent copy of the video is online, I’ll link it on here!

Fun fact: did you know Shaggy and Da’Ville share the same first name (Orville)?

Source: Jamaica Observer

June 21, 2007

Shaggy in Washington – US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Miller enjoy the concert

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Shaggy, Jimmy Cliff and Wyclef Jean entertained the audience at the Metro World Concert in Washington D.C. on June 19, among whom were US Secrety of State Condoleeza Rice and Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Miller. Condoleeza Rice visibly enjoyed the concert and was seen moving to Shaggy’s performance of Luv Me Luv Me. Jamaican PM Portia Miller was singing along to Strength of a Woman and Oh Carolina, and Shaggy shouted “Big up PM” to her during the concert. More? @ the Washington Post and Hard Beat News.


June 19, 2007

Panty Town Riddim

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Shaggy’s new song Move Hype, that was broadcast on BBC Radio 1Xtra and KISS FM a couple of weeks ago, will be released on the Panty Town riddim, which was produced by Sting International and also includes songs by Daville, Collie Buddz and Screechie Dan. Here’s a preliminary track list of the promo album:

1. Daville – Fing It up pon Mi
2. Screechie Dan – Panty Town
3. Collie Buddz and Roach – Searching
4. Shaggy – Yuh a Move Hype

You can listen to all tunes on Sting Intl’s Myspace.

June 18, 2007

Shaggy Hype interview and A Nuh U A Nuh Me featuring Ninja Man

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I’m still gonna get you a good link to listen to Shaggy & Ninja Man “A Nuh U, A Nuh Me” (unless you settle for buying it from a Finnish radio station which apparently is allowed to sell it already), but in the meantime I found a 20 questions Shaggy interview for you.

Part 1: What kept him in the music industry for ten years and more? Plus: Shaggy prefers collaborating with Rayvon to recording duets with other big stars and his favourite song to this date is Strength of a Woman.
Part 2: Church Heathen off his upcoming album Intoxication will be released July 4th. What’s the single about? And what countries does he get the best response from during concerts?
Part 3: Did Shaggy ever get caught on the bathroom floor? Where does he live? How many cars does he own? Who’s his dream girl? (How about Drew Barrimore?) What does Shaggy mean to the ladies?
Part 4: About spending a lot of $$ on jewellery. What does he think about Ali G and Borat? Is he still in touch with Sacha Baron Cohen? What does a typical Shaggy day mean?

June 17, 2007

Shaggy new songs featuring Ninja Man A Nuh U, A Nuh Me and Shaggy More Woman on the Reggae Gold 2007 album; live video from Michael Jackson 30th anniversary concert

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Big Yard released a promo of a very new Shaggy song a couple of days ago: it’s Shaggy featuring Ninja Man: A Nuh U, A Nuh Me! The song was produced by Shaggy’s manager, Robert Livingston, for the Big Yard Music Group.

It was on radio stations in England, Finland, Holland and Germany so far and I’m trying to get you a decent link for the song. So stay tuned for that! In the meantime, I linked a fan video of Shaggy’s new song on the Reggae Gold 2007 album More Woman as well as Shaggy’s performance on Michael Jackson’s 30th anniversary concert which has celebrities like Michael Jackson, Macauly Caulkin, Liza Minelli and several others rocking to Shaggy featuring Rik Rok – It Wasn’t Me. More?

June 14, 2007

Concert tour update

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Shaggy will be performing alongside Wyclef Jean, the Ska-Talites and Plunky & Oneness on the Kennedy Center’s South Plaza Stage in Washington on June 19. This event is staged in conjunction with the “Conference on the Caribbean,” and precedes the annual DC Caribbean Carnival. More info.

June 13, 2007

Shaggy at Best of the Best 2007

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Shaggy, who will soon release his new album Intoxication which includes his big #1 hit Church Heathen, performed at the Best of the Best concert in Miami, Florida, which is pretty much obvious even if you have only been following this site. Well, there are a couple of more videos of the festival online, including Big Up, It Wasn’t Me en Angel. Do you wanna watch them?

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