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March 28, 2008

Reggae By the Beach in Spain, Romantic Rhythms Festival 2008 in Antigua, interview videos and more

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Shaggy at Reggae By the Beach in Valencia, Spain
Shaggy will be one of the special guests at the first ever Reggae By the Beach Festival on May 17 in Valencia, Spain. Also to perform are Beenie Man, MC Daddy Ernie from Choice FM and Chris Goldfinger from BBC Radio1. Reggae by the Beach will be held by 39ยบ27N (Thirty Nine degrees Twenty Seven North) overlooking the beach of Valencia, in the Port of America’s Cup. You can find all information on the Reggae By the Beach Festival on the official site, which also has a pic of Shaggy and Chris Goldfinger.

Shaggy at Romantic Rhythms Festival, Antigua
Mister Lover Lover Shaggy will be headlining the International Music Festival “Romantic Rhythms” in Antigua, which will be held from June 12-15. The festival will have dancehall reggae, jazz, R&B, classic soul, gospel, soca, zouk and pan music among others. Other artists who are slated to perform are Lionel Richie, Keyshia Cole, Kenny Rogers, Brian McKnight, King of Lovers Rock Maxi Priest, Destra Garcia and the Atlantik band. Source: Antigua Sun.

Column in Spanish about Feel the Rush – Akane has pictures of Shaggy’s studio in Kingston, Jamaica, you can check them out here.

Reggae Chiemsee Summer 1998 in Bavaria, Germany Festival DVD
Info, a laaaarge image and a pdf sales sheet

Shaggy sits down with UTV
Shaggy interviewed about Intoxication and starting with his own label

For Shaggy, music is a hobby

Shaggy talks about the Bonafide Girl video

March 26, 2008

König Quasi feat. Shaggy and Serk? Big Up Yourself

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“King Quasi” from Germany created a song featuring Shaggy. It’s called Big Up Yourself.

König Quasi feat. Shaggy and Serk – Big Up Yourself

March 23, 2008

DVD of Natalia Meets… En Vogue featuring Shaggy with Dag Allemaal in April

The DVD of Shaggy’s January 2008 performances in Antwerp, Belgium for the Natalia Meets… En Vogue feat. Shaggy concert series will be released starting at April 8. The DVD will be available ONLY and exclusively with the Belgian weekly “Dag Allemaal” (so you won’t be able to get it from the regular cd and dvd shops)! The Dag Allemaal is available in Belgian stores as well as in some Dutch book and magazine stores.

Dag Allemaal will offer the Natalia Meets… dvd as part of its April release of the Antwerp concert venue Sportpaleis’ coverage dvd series, which will feature Natalia meets…En Vogue feat. Shaggy on April 8, Marco Borsato on April 15, Soulsister on April 22 and Frans Bauer featuring Belle Perez on April 29.

Source: Natalia Druyt’s official site (which also has a preview of the dvd cover), Bloggen and Dag Allemaal.

Shaggy My Sound, Spring Break Jam Fest 2008 more videos

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My Sound on Goldfinger’s Reggae and Dancehall Show on BBC Radio 1
Chris Goldfinger on BBC Radio 1 played an exlusive version of Shaggy and Rik Rok’s Bonafide Girl on the Shanty Town Riddim a.k.a. Panty Town Riddim yesterday: it’s My Sound. You can listen to it here until a week from now (click on “Listen to this show”, you can hear Shaggy and Rik Rok about 18 minutes from the start of the show). Enjoy!

Mister Lover Luv Me Luv Me live at Waves, Negril Spring Break, Jamfest 2008 in Jamaica

There are more videos of Shaggy performing at Negril Springbreak Jamfest here and here.

March 20, 2008

More Shaggy live at Negril Spring Break Jamfest 2008 in Jamaica videos Angel and In the Summertime

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Shaggy and Rayvon In the Summertime

Shaggy, Robert “Dubwise” Browne and Rayvon Angel

More videos of Shaggy at Negril Spring Break Jam Fest 2008

March 19, 2008

Shaggy live at Negril Spring Break Jamfest party, Jamaica, videos

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Shaggy performed at Wavez Negril Spring Break Jam Fest 2008 in Jamaica. Here are a couple of Shaggy live in concert videos from this hot hot show!

Shaggy and Rik Rok It Wasn’t Me

Shaggy Church Heathen

Shaggy & Rik Rok Bonafide

Shaggy Strength of a Woman

Shaggy Mr Boombastic

Shaggy Wild 2Nite and Big Up

Shaggy Hot Gal vs Rayvon Bashment Party

March 18, 2008

Shaggy at Power 96 Carnaval de la Calle Ocho 30th Anniversary

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Shaggy performed on the Carnaval de la Calle Ocho 30th Anniversary Party this weekend. Power 96 FM has a behind the scenes backstage video and pictures of the performances of a lot of artists, including DJ Laz, Red Rat, Gwop Boys, Angel Y Kris, Wayne Wonder, Mims (This is Why I’m Hot), Kevin Lyttle (Turn Me On), Mr Vegas, Notch, Pitbull, Qwote (Don’t Wanna Fight), Nina Sky, SHAGGY and Flo-Rida. Enjoy!

March 16, 2008

Shaggy live in concert videos at the Heineken Regatta in St Maarten

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Here are a lot more videos of Shaggy, Rayvon, Rik Rok, Na’Sha and Tony Gold performing at the Heineken Regatta on March 9 2008 in St Maarten. You can watch more videos of Shaggy at the Heineken Regatta here and here. The videos that are embedded in this post are by SvetaNYC. Enjoy!

Mr Boombastic, Rik Rok and Rayvon getting called on stage
Video behind the cut

Shaggy and Rik Rok It Wasn’t Me

Rayvon Rivers of Babylon and Shaggy Oh Carolina
Video behind the cut

Shaggy and Rayvon crowd interaction and Broadway

Shaggy, Rik Rok, Tony Gold and Robert “Dubwise” Browne Hey Sexy Lady


Shaggy interview by DJ Laz on the Morning Pimp Show on Power 96 FM

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DJ Laz Morning Pimp Show Power 96 Shaggy interview
DJ Laz from the Morning Pimp Show on Power 96 held an interview with Mr Lover Lover, Shaggy. If you wanna know whether Shaggy prefers blondes or brunettes, make-up or all natural, YouTube or MySpace, Paris Hilton or Britney Spears, Girls Gone Wild or Girls Next Door, hotel balcony or bedroom, calling or texting, a tough girl or a miss prissy, chicken or beef, or cats or dogs, here’s the link to the video featuring for you:

Watch the video here.

Shaggy Live at Chiemsee Reggae Summer Festival Promo Trailer
No © infringement intented, for promotional purposes only, embedded under the assumption that this video is provided by an official source.

March 15, 2008

Shaggy live in concert at the Heineken Regatta video and more touring articles

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Shaggy live in concert video at the Heineken Regatta at St Maarten: a medley of Strength of a Woman, Boombastic, Hey Sexy Lady and It Wasn’t MeAccording to YouTube: Island Vibez Reggae Block Party
According to this YouTube ad featuring Shaggy, Mr Lover Lover will be performing on April 25 the Z-93 Jamz and Tropical Entertainment Group will present the 2nd Annual Island Vibez Reggae Block Party in Charleston. There’s no other official confirmation of Shaggy performing at this party yet.

Carnival de la Calle Ocho
Tomorrow’s Carnaval de la Calle Ocho schedule: in Spanish and a slightly different one in English. You can also read more about it in the Miami New Times. Among others, Shaggy, Rihanna, Alison Hinds, Pitbull, DJ Laz, Kevin Little, Mims, Wayne Wonder, Notch, Kat De Luna, Casley, Voltio, Red Rat, The Dey, Zion, Gwop Boys, Elijah, Wyclef Jean and Flo Rida will be performing.

Touring articles
St Vincent Rhythm & Blues reviewSV Rhythm & Blues review by an attendantReggae Times’ Reggae Academy Awards review.

More Shaggy at the SVG Rhythm & Blues Festival videos
Some more videos by a YouTube user of Shaggy at the Saint Vincent & the Grenadines Rhythm & Blues Festival: Oh CarolinaBoombastic.

March 14, 2008

Tour schedule changed: ONE EXCLUSIVE Belgian show

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Sorry to let the Belgian Shaggy fans among you down: Shaggy won’t be in Belgium twice this summer. That doesn’t mean there isn’t good news for you too: He will definitely be performing at the Afro-Latino Festival in Bree, Belgium on June 21!

Shaggy will be the ultimate Master of Ceremony to get the 10 years anniversary party of the Afro-Latino started! You can find all information about the Afro-Latino Festival on the official Afro-Latino site.

March 11, 2008

First Shaggy at the St Maarten Heineken Regatta footage

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Shaggy and Alison Hinds photos
The first photos of Shaggy and Alison Hinds are up. You can view them at the official Heineken Regatta site, click on the pictures to enlarge!

Shaggy and Rayvon singing Angel / exclusive interview at the St Maarten Heineken Regatta thanks to Heineken

Press conference article
Shaggy at the Heineken Regatta in St Maarten

Strength of a Woman at the Heineken Regatta in St Maarten (more audience than Shaggy ;), audio quality is ?)

March 7, 2008

Making the video: Shaggy Feel the Rush UEFA EURO 2008

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The Kleine Zeitung has a high quality video of lots of scenes from Shaggy’s video shoot for Feel the Rush in Kaernten, Austria. It features Shaggy, Paul “Rossy” Lee and video producer Jay Will, and it also has an interview with Shaggy and more people featured in the video clip. Enjoy!

Shaggy’s Blissfull Day

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Mr Lover Lover, international music star Shaggy, describes his idea of a blissfull day thanks to Bliss TV

Updated concerts tour dates list, International Reggae And World Music Awards IRAWMA

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Vote for Shaggy: Shaggy nominated for International Reggae and World Music Awards
Shaggy has been nominated for four awards at the IRAWMA 2008: Best Song for Church Heathen, Best Album/CD for Intoxication, Best Male Disc Jockey / Rapper and Best Music Video for Church Heathen. Big Yard producers (Sting International, Robert Livingston) have been nominated for the Best Producer award.

You can cast your vote right here. Voting is upen until April 20. The awards ceremony will be held at the Apollo Theatre, New York, USA, on Sunday, May 4. Source.

Shaggy’s updated concert and Intoxication promotional tour dates schedule
This is an update of the information in the earlier concert tour dates post. You can find all information on the upcoming Shaggy shows on the concert dates page.

March 8 – Shaggy at SVG Blues & Rhythm Festival
Shaggy will be performing tomorrow, Saturday, March 8 on the Blues & Rhythm Festival in St Vincent. You can get more information about the festival at the St Vincent & the Grenadines Tourism site.

March 8 – Shaggy on ZDF TV
German TV station ZDF will broadcast a visit to Shaggy’s home in New York on Saturday, March 8 at 18:30h in Leute Heute mit Karen Webb. There’s no comment to whether this is old or new footage, but it’s likely that it’s new.

March 14 – Shaggy at Bashment Explosion Party
According to Big Yard, Shaggy will be present at Waggy T’s Anniversary Celebration / Spring Break Jam on March 14 in Bayside Hut, Key Biscane / Miami, Florida (the doors open at 10 pm). Other acts to appear live at this event are Wayne Wonder, Spragga Benz, Kevin Lyttle, Mr Vegas, Hopeton Lindo, Honorebel, Trevor Off-Key and Qwote, with whom Shaggy recently released the song “Don’t Wanna Fight”. The event will be broadcast live through 99 Jamz, so you might get to hear Shaggy!

March 16 – Calle Ocho’s 30th Anniversary Party with Power 96
Shaggy will perform at the Calle Ocho 30th Anniversary Party with Power96 on Sunday, March 16. Shaggy will be joint by DJ Laz, Pitbull, Flo-Rida, Mims, Nina Sky, Qwote (Don’t Wanna Fight) and the Gwop Boys. The party takes place between the 8th and 9th Street on 12th Avenue in Miami. There will be live power mixing all day. You can get more information at Power 96 FM or view the splash commercial.

June 28 – Shaggy on Garance Reggae Festival 2008
Shaggy will be performing on the Garance Reggae Festival 2008 on June 28 in Paris, France, as well as Collie Buddz & The New Kingston Band,The Black Seeds. You can buy your tickets here.

Cecile & Shaggy I’m Waiting Remix
Big up to clothesdrop on the Big Yard Message Board for finding this first! A remix featuring Shaggy for “I’m Waiting”, Cecile’s song that was on top of the Jamaican charts last year, recently surfaced. Shaggy and Cecile already worked together before: they recorded a song together called “Man a Man” on the Big Yard Strip Tease Riddim a couple of years ago.

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