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May 29, 2008

Shaggy to sing Feel the Rush at Stefan Raab TV Total

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Shaggy will sing his new UEFA EURO 2008 song Feel the Rush live at the “Stefan Raab’s TV Total Autoball Europameisterschaft” in Cologne, Germany. The Europameisterschaft will be broadcast live on TV Total on June 6. The show starts at 20.15h according to reports.

May 28, 2008

Shaggy at the Heineken Regatta 2008 live video

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Shaggy performed at the Annual Heineken Regatta this year and here´s a video! Shaggy, Na’Sha, Rayvon, Rik Rok and Michael Fletcher perform Church Heathen, Wild 2Nite, Hot Gal, Bashment Party, Big Up and Boombastic thanks to (click for a concert review and pics.

Shaggy in France: new album, Cauet

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Intoxication to be released on June 23 in France
Shaggy´s new studio album Intoxication will be released on June 23 in France! First single from the new album will be What’s Love featuring Akon.

More Shaggy on La Méthode Cauet videos
Shaggy was on La Méthode Cauet on last week. You can view the first videos of Shaggy on the show in an older post. Below are two more videos!

Shaggy´s entrance

Shaggy battles Cauet on Boombastic

May 26, 2008

1994 Shaggy live video, Arsenal 221 show, Shaggy on The Dome on RTL2

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Shaggy on The Dome on RTL2
Shaggy will be featured in TV Station RTL2’s “The Dome” broadcast on May 31, at 16.00h. The program will show Shaggy and UEFA EURO 2008 mascots Trix & Flix presenting his newest official UEFA EURO 2008 single and video “Feel the Rush”.

Shaggy at Arsenal 221, Vienna, Austria reviews
Shaggy’s live performance of Feel the Rush at the Arsenal 221 in Wien, Austria, last week was one of the highlights of the Radionight 2008 (source). He also met up with students of which you can view pics on Tourismus

And then there are two classic Shaggy in concert videos thanks to rmshaggy:

Shaggy and Rayvon Oh Carolina & the Rivers of Babylon live at Sting 1994 thanks to rmshaggy

Shaggy live on Jay Leno back in 2001 thanks rmshaggy

May 24, 2008

Shaggy on La Méthode Cauet videos, photos of Radionight 2008

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Shaggy, Ingrid Chauvin and Bruno Madinier, Garou, Laurent Ruquier, Titoff and Ruppert Everett  visited La Méthode Cauet on TF1. Shaggy was interviewed, dj’ed and sang a bit and kissed someone… You can watch the videos right here!

Shaggy and Rayvon also did a spectacular show on the Ö3 Radio Night 2008 at Arsenal 221 in Vienna, Austria. Shaggy premiered Feel the Rush live, which was very much enjoyed by the audience. You can view pics from the show on (click on Ö3 Slideshow von der Radio Night 2008 to view the pics)!

Shaggy on La Méthode Cauet video preview
There´s a video preview on TF1.

Shaggy on La Méthode Cauet Part I: Mr. Boombastic’s TV kiss

Shaggy on La Méthode Cauet Part II: Angel

Rupert Everett and Shaggy on La Méthode Cauet Part III

May 22, 2008

Shaggy on La Méthode Cauet on May 22

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Shaggy, Ingrid Chauvin and Bruno Madinier, Garou, Laurent Ruquier, Titoff and Ruppert Everett will be the guests on tonight’s La Méthode Cauet on French TV station TF1. La Méthode Cauet is presented by Cauet and Cécile de Ménibus and will be broadcast at 23.20h.

May 21, 2008

More Shaggy & crew concert tour dates

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Shaggy in concert this week
Shaggy will perform at the Ö3 Radionight 2008 at Arsenal 221 in Vienna, Austria on May 21. On May 25 he’ll perform at the 105.5 The Beat (WBTT) Summer Jam 2008 at 3853 Cleveland Ave., Ft. Myers, Florida 33901, USA. Other artists to perform are Fat Joe, Ying Yang Twins, Trina, Yung Berg, and Colby Odoni. Source: Shaggy

More summer tour dates for Shaggy and band
Big Yard Music also announced and confirmed the following tour dates:
June 6 TV Total: Stefan Raab’s(TM) Autoball Europameisterschaft 2008, Cologne, Germany
June 7 UEFA Club: VIP hospitality event, Basel, Switzerland
June 7 Burgtheater, Vienna, Austria sponsored by Telekom Austria
June 8 UEFA Fan Zone Event, Klagenfurt, Austria
June 14 St. Lucia
July 11 Jamaica Day, Zaragoza, Spain
August 1 Unplug / Wine Cellar Kupferberg, Mainz, Germany
August 16 Champions In Action
August 22 Krone Stadtfest 2008, Linz, Austria
August 30 Czech Republic

Possible tour dates
Polish sites report that Shaggy as well as Common and Arrested Development will perform at the Wroclaw 2012 Festival in Poland on July 19. According to Vibesonline Shaggy will perform at Roma Rock Festival in Rome, Italy on the same day. Neither shows have been confirmed yet by Big Yard, just like the Colonia Sonora Festival in Collegno on July 17.

May 18, 2008

More tour dates: Shaggy’s concerts in Italy, Mauritius and Tonga

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Shaggy’s Italian touring schedule
Shaggy will be touring Italy again this year. On July 17, he will perform at the Colonia Sonora Festival in Collegno and on July 19 he’ll be at the Roma Rock Festival in Rome. Sources: Vibes Online and La

Shaggy to Mauritius?
According to l’Expresse .mu, Shaggy will visit Mauritius this year for a performance. No date or location has been mentioned yet.

Shaggy in Tonga
Shaggy entertained thousands of people at the Digicel netwerk launch concert in Tonga last week. The Matangi Tonga Online has an article about the conference containing pics of Shaggy and concerts pix and there are also pics of Shaggy, Paul Rossi Lee and more are in the HotShot section on Fiji Village.

You can visit Shaggy’s full concert touring schedule as far as it’s known online for more touring information.

May 17, 2008

Shaggy chats on – new album in 2008!?!?

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Shaggy and Lord Kossity visited the studio yesterday and chatted with fans. You can read a transcript of the chat here. It’s in French, so for those of you who don’t get know French here’s a small recap.

Shaggy says it’s great being him, very spiritual and a little glamorous and sexy. He tells how he writes all his songs, which relate about life in general. It looks like either Shaggy or Lord Kossity is releasing a line of watches in cooperation with a Swiss horlogier. Lord Kossity is on Shaggy’s new album. AND that brings us to the most interesting part of the chat:

…Shaggy says he has a new album (it doesn’t translate as single) in the works which will be released on June 23!

Video of Shaggy at the chat

Shaggy on Halbzeit EM Hits 2008

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Shaggy’s first UEFA EURO 2008 song Like a Superstar featuring Trix & Flix as well as Shaggy’s single featuring Rik Rok and Tony Gold Bonafide Girl are featured on the new Halbzeit EM Hits 2008. More info on, thanks to a review on

Updated Shaggy concert tour dates schedule

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Big Yard Music updated the Shaggy concert tour schedule. The newly confirmed dates are:

June 22-23 XJam 08, Springbreak, Maturareise, Turkey
June 28 Garance Reggae Festival, Paris, France
July 4 Reggae Im Park, Hamburg, Germany
July 6 Two Sevens Splash, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
August 2 RPR1 Open Air 2008, Mainz, Germany

You can always visit the 2008 Shaggy Concert Dates/Tour Schedule Page on this site for the latest full Shaggy tour schedule as far as it’s known online.

May 11, 2008

International Reggae and World Music Awards

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Shaggy wins Best Music Video award
Shaggy won the award for best music video for Church Heathen at the International Reggae and World Music Awards in New York on May 4 2008, congratulations Shaggy! Source and photo.

You can read more about the IRAWMA on or in the Jamaica Observer. Bob Marley blog Kanrado also has a review of the IRAWMA.

Lou Garou has some great pics of Shaggy at the IRAWMAs – for a couple of HQ large ones of Shaggy at the red carpet look here or and for one of Shaggy on the stage look here.

Also, Opamizik has 4 pages of photos of the IRAWMA. You can find photos of Shaggy on the first three pages of the IRAWMA photo album.

Shaggy performs Big Up at the IRAWMAs at 8:18 minutes into this video:

Shaggy IRAWMA Red Carpet interview starting around 6:20 minutes, Shaggy and DJ Kue looking stylish at the red carpet:

May 10, 2008

More Feel the Rush

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Shaggy presented his new UEFA EURO 2008 video Feel the Rush in Berlin, Germany on April 21st. Here´s a list of articles, pictures – other than the ones I already linked posted on – the video, the making of the video and a video of Shaggy presenting the video! Enjoy!

The full Feel the Rush video!

Shaggy presents the Feel the Rush video

Shaggy Making the video Feel the Rush thanks to Ministry of

TV Programme on Shaggy Making Feel the Rush
A Making of the Song and Video Feel the Rush will be broadcast on TV on June 5 17.15h on the Bayerischen Fernsehen and on Jun 6 17.15h on 3-Sat.

UEFA EURO 2008 Feel the Rush articles, photos and videos

Shaggy interview, Feel the Rush

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Feel the Rush video
The Berliner Kurier has an article about Feel the Rush, the new UEFA EURO 2008 video and single that Shaggy will present later today in Berlin, Germany. The video clip shows him travelling from Jamaica to the soccer stadium in Klagenfurt, Austria. Article at Berlin Online.

Feel the Rush cd single
Shaggy will present the video to the new official UEFA EURO 2008 single Feel the Rush today in Berlin, Germany! Here’s a preview of what the single cover looks like. Enjoy!

Shaggy Feel the Rush cd single cover UEFA EURO 2008 featuring Trix and Flix official mascots album song

Shaggy interview
The Ladies of Reggae interviewed Shaggy about his newest studio album Intoxication in November 2007. You can listen to the interview below!

Shaggy on Friday Night Project

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Friday Night Project
Shaggy visited Friday Night Project a while ago when Kim Cattrall (Samantha from SATC) was hosting and now he’s back once more to promote his new single featuring Akon, What’s Love!

Geri Halliwell, Shaggy on Friday Night Project

Feel the Rush
As reported before, Shaggy will present his new official UEFA EURO 2008 video Feel the Rush in Berlin, Germany this Monday. Here are some German articles about the event that also contain Shaggy pictures: and

Shaggy in Hawaii interview videos

Sister to Sister Charity Shaggy helps the Jamaican Sister to Sister charity article.

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