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June 17, 2007

Shaggy new songs featuring Ninja Man A Nuh U, A Nuh Me and Shaggy More Woman on the Reggae Gold 2007 album; live video from Michael Jackson 30th anniversary concert

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Big Yard released a promo of a very new Shaggy song a couple of days ago: it’s Shaggy featuring Ninja Man: A Nuh U, A Nuh Me! The song was produced by Shaggy’s manager, Robert Livingston, for the Big Yard Music Group.

It was on radio stations in England, Finland, Holland and Germany so far and I’m trying to get you a decent link for the song. So stay tuned for that! In the meantime, I linked a fan video of Shaggy’s new song on the Reggae Gold 2007 album More Woman as well as Shaggy’s performance on Michael Jackson’s 30th anniversary concert which has celebrities like Michael Jackson, Macauly Caulkin, Liza Minelli and several others rocking to Shaggy featuring Rik Rok – It Wasn’t Me. More?

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