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May 25, 2011

Listen to Shaggy’s new single Sugarcane with lyrics!

Shaggy’s new off the hook new single Sugarcane was released yesterday and it has been getting rave reviews! This hot new international single was produced by Teflon the Producer (a.k.a. Sharp Shoota), who also produced among others the Shaggy feat. Mavado dancehall smash Girls Dem Luv We. You can now get this awesome new song on iTunes and Amazon!

Wanna know the lyrics? As the weather is getting warmer, Shaggy brings you the feel good vibes of Sugarcane for summer 2011. Listen to the song (official audio) and peep the lyrics below!

Shaggy – Sugarcane (audio with lyrics)
Shaggy's 2011 off the hook new single Sugarcane single cover art Mr Boombastic Mister Lover Lover, © The Ranch Entertainment 2011

Shaggy, GoldenChyl, Jerry Wonda Duplessis, DJ Kue and Robert Dubwise were in the studio last night working on Shaggy’s upcoming 2011 album! Shaggy has also been working with Teflon, Tony “CD” Kelly, Erick Morillo, Wyclef Jean and more on new songs and on his upcoming album, which is going to be great!

May 23, 2010

Shaggy & Tessanne Chin Never Let Me Go lyrics

Binu and me transcribed the lyrics to Shaggy and Tessanne Chin’s hot song Never Let Me Go and you can read them right here! Do not copy these lyrics literally or altered onto any other site without linking to this site!

Intro: Shaggy (Tessanne Chin)
Never letting you go! No, no, no!
It’s your lover, alongside the lovely Tessanne
Shaggy! (Never let me go)
Ah wah me say, yo! (naah)

Verse 1: Shaggy (Tessanne Chin)
Girl you know you’re hot and it’s a natural fact
Top shelf material, you’re from good stock (baby)
You and me together have the place ‘pon lock
Real love of ain’t nobody can talk bad

Letting know, it’s Mr.Lover, there is nothing you lack
Always your man, so make them see they ah chat
Baby girl you feel it, ’cause ah me deal it
We have to seal it, just sing if you believe it

Chorus: Tessanne Chin (Shaggy)
Hold me, keep me coming back for more
Control me (that’s right!)
Tell me that you’ll never let me go
Let me go, let me go, let me go

Verse 2: Shaggy
Now baby, we can take it to a new flight
Take this love we’ve got towards a new height
You and me forever, this is so right
That would finally precede a true life

Hook: Shaggy
Later we can greet her / with the creator, girl, I’m your saviour
For you mi haffi to thank the highest creator
She have the flavour, if nah fi save ya, I man good behaviour
Mister Lover doing you a favour, yeah

Chorus: Tessanne (Shaggy)
Hold me, keep me coming back for more
Control me
Tell me that you’ll never let me go (I’m never letting you go)
Let me go, let me go, let me go

Shaggy & Tessanne – Never Let Me Go live video
at the Bustamente Hospital for Children in Kingston, Jamaica

The lyrics continue below the video!


November 9, 2009

New single Ida Corr feat. Shaggy Under the Sun, UK interviews, Glow Club video

New Scandinavian single: Ida Corr feat. Shaggy Under the Sun!
Ida Corr’s and Shaggy’s hot song Under the Sun, from Ida Corr’s 2009 album Under the Sun, has now been released as a single in Scandinavia! You can listen to 30 seconds audio snippets and get the single on TDC Online (select the track you wanna hear, then click on Hør 30 sek to listen to a preview). Info courtesy of the official Ida Corr fansite.

Here’s the track list to the new Under the Sun single by Ida Corr featuring Shaggy:

1. Under The Sun (Jason Gault Radio Edit)
Ida Corr featuring feat. ft. Shaggy Under the Sun remixes acapella single cover2. Under The Sun (Jason Gault Extended)
3. Under The Sun (Cut Up Boys Remix)
4. Under The Sun (Cut Up Boys Clubmix)
5. Under The Sun (Michael Kaye Remix)
6. Under The Sun (Dave Lambert & Housetrap Remix)
7. Under The Sun (Lenny Ibizarre Remix)
8. Under The Sun (Out Of Sight Mix)
9. Under The Sun (Original)
10. Under The Sun (Acapella)

Ida and me transcribed the words to the single! You can read the lyrics to Ida Corr feat. Shaggy Under the Sun here.

UK interviews
Shaggy is doing interviews in the UK tomorrow! He will be a guest on the new Angela and Friends show on Sky1. It sounds very interesting! If you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, tune in to Angela and Friends on Sky1 tomorrow afternoon!

Shaggy might also be on the Hannah Murray Show on Talk Radio Europe very soon, which is broadcast at Talk Radio Europe at 1pm GMT.

Can’t wait? You can watch Cat Deeley’s interview with Shaggy, from January 2009, on Sky Culture’s Soundtrack to My Life (free for Sky TV Style & Culture Pack subscribers). Shaggy discusses the songs, music and lyrics that have shaped his life and career, featuring clips and live performances in an almost 30 minutes video.

Shaggy at Glow Club video
Shaggy and Rayvon performed at Glow Club in St. Gallen, Switzerland on October 31. Here’s a compilation video of the performance, with Hear Dis, Boombastic, Angel, Crowd Teaser, Big Up, thanks to ASTV!

Shaggy and Rayvon at Club Glow in St. Gallen, Switzerland live video

May 20, 2009

Shaggy feat. Gary Nesta Pine Fly High lyrics

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Shaggy feat. Gary Nesta Pine – Fly High review
I heard Fly High for the first time today, and I couldn’t stop playing it again and again. It’s a great song: it sounds fun and catchy, it makes you wanna dance and it’s the perfect song to start off your summer! I hope it’s gonna be another big hit for Shaggy! Let’s make it a big hit!

Here are part of the lyrics as we understand them, no copyright infringement intended, for promotional purposes only.

Shaggy feat. Gary “Nesta” Pine – Fly High (2009 single) lyrics
Intro: Gary Nesta Pine (Shaggy)Lyrics on
I wanna fly, with you babe and leave the world behind
Lyrics on them know now one time, It’s Mr Lover! Baby girl so now take me to cloud nine)
I wanna fly, so high, so high and leave the world behind
Lyrics on high)
(Straight up! Wha yu ah seh! Ah ah ah ah ah)Lyrics on

Chorus: Gary Nesta Pine (Shaggy)
I wanna fly, fly high
With you baby (cloud nine!)
I wanna fly with you baby and just leave the world all behind
Oh!Lyrics on
I wanna fly, fly high with you baby
(I wanna see your hands up! Woman, that’s right!)
I wanna fly with you baby and just leave the world all behind
Oh!Lyrics on

Verse 1: Shaggy
Yow Yow Yow YowLyrics on
Up up up and away and so to say, Girl let’s fly todayLyrics on
You and me girl gonna sit up the race, flying by my side that’s where you belongLyrics on
That’s where she stay hey hey, girl you make my dayLyrics on
And when you ride Lyrics on shaggy.v3x.bizrude bwoy no play, be always yours never will I strayLyrics on
Real bad man nothing more to sayLyrics on

More here: The full lyrics!

Shaggy feat. Gary Nesta Pine – Fly High (the official HQ video)

Back to 2001: Shaggy, Rayvon, Dave Swift and band: Angel courtesy of Dave Swift

More here: The full lyrics!

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