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July 25, 2008

Festival International de Carthage, Tunis, photos and videos

Barbara posted pictures of Shaggy’s concert in the Roman theater in Carthage, Tunis, Tunisia. Shaggy’s in the last pic, click to enlarge it.

Reviews with picture
You can find a review and picture of Shaggy at the Festival International de Carthage in Tunis, Tunisia on Elaph

Jet Set Magazine article: Shaggy’s concert on the Festival International de Carthage in Tunis, Tunisia, review.

Shaggy goes to Tanzania

Interview: Shaggy likes touring interviews Shaggy (in French).

Video of Shaggy at the Festival International de Carthage, Tunis, Tunisa

Hey Sexy Lady

July 22, 2008

New singles, Pori Jazz Finland, Garance Reggae Paris France, Offida Italy

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Shaggy in Offida

Concert and Intoxication review, Boombastic, Angel and Hey Sexy Lady live by Nuova TVP

Get My Party On

New singles

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what song will be Shaggy’s next single lately. I can’t tell you more than I read or heard so far – I´m not affiliated with Shaggy´s or any record company, so I don´t know anything for sure – but I will share what I know with you.

Shaggy´s next single in France is (by his own words in an interview) going to be Those Days featuring Na´Sha. Also, we still haven´t seen the French What´s Love video featuring Lord Kossity yet, although Mr Boombastic has a cameo in Lord Kossity’s Le respect n’achète pas videoclip. His next single in Germany might be Mad, Mad World featuring Sizzla Kalonji and Collie Buddz – or any other song from his Intoxication album. His next international single might be or is going to be Body A Shake. So…there you have it…like it?

Sources:, Danny Pepperseed

Pori Jazz Festival, Finland, videos and photos review, scroll down for an audioclip from a Shaggy reviewEkurvine’s picture 1Ekurvine picture 2.- Savannara’s photos of the Pori Jazz Festival including Shaggy & band.

Photos, Boombastic and In the Summertime

Garance Reggae Festival

Shaggy and Na’Sha Those Days

Shaggy Wroclaw 2012 Festival Poland videos

Shaggy performed on the Wrocław 2012 Festival in Wroclaw, Poland. Here are a couple of videos!

Strength of a Woman

In the Summertime

More Woman and the start of Boombastic

It Wasn´t Me and first part of Woman Scorn

Videos of Angel, Hey Sexy Lady, Boombastic and Feel the Rush are behind the cut.

July 19, 2008

Colonia Sonora and Festa dell’Unita videos

Shaggy at the Colonia Sonora in Collegno, Torino, Italy videos
Here are about 50 minutes from the Shaggy concert at the Colonia Sonora Festival 2008 in Collegno, Turin, Italy.

Woman Scorn, Get My Party On, Church Heathen, What’s Love

Crowd interaction, Big Up, Wild 2Nite, Angel, Strength of a Woman, Those Days, It Wasn’t Me

Boombastic, Bonafide Girl, In the Summertime

Rayvon Games We Play, Shaggy Get Up, Stand Up and Fight, Herbs Come Around, Rayvon Highest Grade, Shaggy All About Love, Boombastic

Hey Sexy Lady, War of the Worlds instrumental, Clothes Drop, Get Up Stand Up and Fight,

Festa dell’Unità in Rome, Italy videos
Here are some more videos from the Festa dell’Unità, Rome, Italy.

Body A Shake feat. Na’Sha and Shaggy’s kids dance on stage – cute

Videos of Woman Scorn, Get My Party On, Wild 2Nite and Bonafide Girl are behind the cut.

July 18, 2008

Shaggy on Colonia Sonora 2008 videos, Summerjam vids

Colonia Sonora Festival video
Shaggy performed at the Colonia Sonora festival in Torino, Italy, yesterday. Here’s a video review of Shaggy’s concert and his newest singles by Torino TV. It shows More Woman, Bonafide Girl and Boombastic live.

Video report by Torino TV

Fun Dance 2008
Shaggy feat. Na’Sha Those Days, the new single in France from the 2008 album Shaggy Intoxication, is featured on the Fun Dance 2008. Commercial video.

More Summerjam 2008 videos
Here are two more videos from the Summerjam 2008 in Cologne, Germany.

Shaggy on Summerjam 2008 by InterObserver

Shaggy with Pow Pow Movement at Summerjam 2008

July 17, 2008

in Genoa and at Festa dell’Unita videos

Festa dell’Unità in Rome Shaggy videos
Shaggy performed at the Festa dell’Unità in Rome, Italy yesterday. Here are a couple of videos from the concert including one where Shaggy calls two of his kids on stage. Shaggy’s little daughter Sydney dances to Shaggy singing Call Me Up – so cute!

Call Me Up featuring Sydney

More Genoa and Festa dell’Unita videos (It Wasn’t Me, Boombastic and Hey Sexy Lady) are behind the cut

More Shaggy at Two 77 Splash videos

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Here are even more videos from Shaggy´s performance on the Two 77 Splash 2008 reggae festival in the Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, the Netherlands! And for some more Two Sevens Splash photos, visit Radical Sound. You can find more photos and videos of Shaggy´s performance on the Two Sevens Splash festival 2008 on these pages.

More Woman, Boombastic and Bonafide Girl at the Dutch Two 77 Splash 2008 thanks to Radical Sound

Bonafide Girl at the Two 77 Splash

Bonafide Girl II at the Two 77 Splash

Shaggy plays the crowd, Big Up and Hot Gal

July 15, 2008

Splash! 2008 Germany photos and videos

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MTV Germany interviewed Shaggy at the Splash 2008 festival. The full interview will be broadcast later. Here are also a couple of MTV photos at Splash 2008 of Shaggy backstage and in concert.

Reviews: Riddim.deMitteldeutsche Zeitung

Feel the Rush

Hey Sexy Lady

Get My Party On


July 12, 2008

More Summerjam 2008 videos

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Here are more videos from Shaggy’s show on the Summerjam 2008 Festival in Cologne, Germany!

Boombastic and Bonafide Girl at Summerjam 2008

Hot Gal and Bonafide Girl at Summerjam 2008

Rub-a-Dub at Summerjam 2008

Get Up, Stand Up and Fight

Virgin Media Shaggy interview video

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Virgin Media sat down with Shaggy for an interview. They talked about his new album Intoxication, Church Heathen, Criteria, women, his kids, music, being freed from big record labels and much more. You can watch the 11 minutes video here on Réportage. Select either “Haut Debit” to watch or download a large 91 MB Windows Media Video (.wmv) version of the video or choose “Bas Debit” for a just as large file for slow internet connections.

Tour schedule updates: France, Algeria

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Golden Voices Festival
Shaggy’s official MySpace now confirms that Shaggy will perform on the Golden Voices Festival in Toulouse, France on August 31.

Algerian Shaggy concert
Also, Shaggy will perform in Theatre Bois des Arcades, Riacdh El Feth, Algeria on July 24.

Shaggy to Romania?
According to several Romanian media, Shaggy will perform in the Hotelului Rex de la Mamaia in Mamaia, Romania on August 29. You will be able to buy tickets to the Shaggy concert at Ticket once they become available. Please note: This concert hasn’t been confirmed by BigYard Music yet.

Shaggy interview on Radio Mosaique
You can listen to the Shaggy interview on Corniche on Radio Mosaique if you click on the first “Ecoute” (listen) on this page.

More Shaggy concert dates
Full Shaggy tour schedule page

July 8, 2008

Shaggy interview tonight on Mosaique FM

Exclusive Arab/Tunisian Shaggy interview
Shaggy will be interviewed live by Hédi on Corniche on Tunisian radio station Radio Mosaïque. The program is broadcast between 21-23h local time, Shaggy will probably be on between 21.30-22.00h. You can listen to the program here. By the way, the site also has a webcam, so who knows, you might catch a glimpse of Shaggy.


Energy TV
Shaggy was interviewed by the German Energy TV and performed for them. Here’s a video!

Shaggy appearance on London Fashion Week MOBO Awards 2007 Pre-Party

Two 77 Splash, Summerjam videos
Click here for more videos of these reggae festivals! (more…)

Two Sevens Splash and Summerjam videos

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Shaggy performed on the Two 77 Splash Festival 2008 in the Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, the Netherlands and the Summerjam 2008 Festival in Cologne, Germany this weekend. Here are a few more videos of the concerts!

Shaggy Strength of a Woman at the Two 77 Splash festival

Shaggy More Woman live in the HMH in Amsterdam, Holland!

Shaggy Feel the Rush at the Summerjam 2008 festival in Cologne, Germany

Shaggy interview video on Dutch Funx radio

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Shaggy performed on the Two 7’s Splash festival in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on Sunday. Q-Bah from interviewed him. Wanna know what Shaggy’s new single might be*? Where does he live? How did his collaboration with Collie Buddz (Mad, Mad World on Intoxication) and Cecile (Waiting RMX on her new album Badgyal) come about? What’s it like to have his own label and take his business into his own hands?

Shaggy interview video

* (Those Days in France, Mad, Mad World or another song in Germany and elsewhere)

July 7, 2008

Shaggy at Two 77 Splash, Afro-Latino, Garance Reggae, Reggae im Park photos

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Two Sevens Splash 2008 pictures has pictures of Shaggy’s concert at yesterday’s Two 77 Splash Festival in Amsterdam, Holland! Use the scroll bar to view the pics of Shaggy and band after the photos of among others Alaine and Cecile.

Afro-Latino Festival 2008 photos has a large number of HQ photos from Shaggy’s performance at the Afro-Latino 2008 Festival in Bree, Belgium. You can view them here and buy them at at this page (click on Shaggy).

Reggae im Park 2008 pics
Shaggy performed at the Reggae im Park 2008 in Hamburg on Friday. Here are a couple of photos of the event.

Garance Reggae Festival in Paris, France 2008 review and photos
Street Blogger wrote that Shaggy’s performance on the Garance Reggae Festival was fantastic. He interacted with the audience in a great way and he made his show an exclusive happening. The Streetblogger review also includes a lot of photos, which you can view in the photo album which you can view under the cut. (more…)

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