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December 2, 2008

Bad Man Don’t Cry

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Bad Man Nuh Cry: the video!!

Man a bad man
I wanna big up to my homies out there you know
All my ladies, you’re the true players hehe
We don’t cra

Verse 1 and chorus
It’s nothing like the sweetest wine, the sweetest time
She always get the sweetest shine
[lyrics on] Whenever time she starts feel sexy
That’s when she finds takes up her phone and a text me
And I’m name she call, she scream and bawl
[lyrics on] structure fall
A jump off is normally easy, but tonight it’s like she takes charge and a freak me
She start mek me eyes dem roll, me toes dem a fall, me lose control, I need console
Seems like she flip the script, when she finds the time and makes that switch
[lyrics on] For her I had a little devotion
See I’m a true player we don’t show emotion
Now is this the moment I fear, I start to care, I’m shedding a tear no way

Bad man don’t cry… no way
[lyrics on]
Bad man don’t cry… no way

Verse 1 and chorus
But later I was at the club, rub-a-dub
With some chicks having fun
Was feeling a little bit tipsy
[lyrics on] bottles was with me
That’s when I see her walking slow
All of a sudden I started feeling low
She had some dude on her arm
And I’m thinking about causing bodily harm
[lyrics on] My emotions start going crazy
And I’m them [lyrics on] tease and a phase me
It seems I was catching feelings
The right thing to do now is to cut of dealings
She didn’t even look my way
I so got played, I felt betrayed
[lyrics on] So got played
I felt like she twisted that knife [lyrics on]
How one boom slam can really change one’s life no way

Bad man don’t cry… no way (baby)
[lyrics on]
Bad man don’t cry… no way

Hook, verse 3 and chorus
[lyrics on]
Now if you’re feeling what I’m feeling just put up your hands
You don’t want admit it well I understand
You gotta confront these feelings
Cos it’s the only way you can start the healing
The feeling wasn’t part of my plan
[lyrics on]
So mek a gyal know that man ah a man
I know a lot of players be scheming
But when she ignores you walk of steaming no way

Bad man don’t cry (yeah yeah)… no way
[lyrics on]
Bad man don’t cry… no way

The video features Josey Wales, D’Angel, Milk, Sky Juice, Renato Adams, Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell, Bounty Killer, Mavado, Chris Martin, Jigzagula, Iceman, Alozade, Cezar, Danny Champagne, D’Major, Barbee, Ribby Chung, Carlos Max Brown, Too Tall, Early Samuels, Drummy, JB, DLynx, Foota, Jay Will, Kanhai, Brooklyn, Mark Reid, Tony T and Tony Morrison and was created by Jay Will from Game Over, Shaggy, Robert Livingston, Carleene Samuels, Derek Edwards, Joel Burke and Smokey.

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