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May 23, 2010

Shaggy & Tessanne Chin Never Let Me Go lyrics

Binu and me transcribed the lyrics to Shaggy and Tessanne Chin’s hot song Never Let Me Go and you can read them right here! Do not copy these lyrics literally or altered onto any other site without linking to this site!

Intro: Shaggy (Tessanne Chin)
Never letting you go! No, no, no!
It’s your lover, alongside the lovely Tessanne
Shaggy! (Never let me go)
Ah wah me say, yo! (naah)

Verse 1: Shaggy (Tessanne Chin)
Girl you know you’re hot and it’s a natural fact
Top shelf material, you’re from good stock (baby)
You and me together have the place ‘pon lock
Real love of ain’t nobody can talk bad

Letting know, it’s Mr.Lover, there is nothing you lack
Always your man, so make them see they ah chat
Baby girl you feel it, ’cause ah me deal it
We have to seal it, just sing if you believe it

Chorus: Tessanne Chin (Shaggy)
Hold me, keep me coming back for more
Control me (that’s right!)
Tell me that you’ll never let me go
Let me go, let me go, let me go

Verse 2: Shaggy
Now baby, we can take it to a new flight
Take this love we’ve got towards a new height
You and me forever, this is so right
That would finally precede a true life

Hook: Shaggy
Later we can greet her / with the creator, girl, I’m your saviour
For you mi haffi to thank the highest creator
She have the flavour, if nah fi save ya, I man good behaviour
Mister Lover doing you a favour, yeah

Chorus: Tessanne (Shaggy)
Hold me, keep me coming back for more
Control me
Tell me that you’ll never let me go (I’m never letting you go)
Let me go, let me go, let me go

Shaggy & Tessanne – Never Let Me Go live video
at the Bustamente Hospital for Children in Kingston, Jamaica

The lyrics continue below the video!


December 9, 2009

Street Bullies Riddim, Jolly Rancher Riddim, Dance for Climate Change concert videos and photos

Jolly Rancher Riddim and Street Bullies Riddim
Shaggy’s hot new song featuring Tessanne Chin, Never Let Me Go, is one of the tunes on the Jolly Rancher riddim. The riddim also features contributions by Christopher Martin (Here For You Always), Ce’Cile (Mek Dem Know) and Elephant Man (Call Out Yuh Man Name).

Shaggy’s new tune Long Time, which is currently number one on among others the German reggae charts, is available on iTunes together with the other tunes on the Street Bullies Riddim! Get the tunes and the riddim here!

Street Bullies Riddim cover Shaggy Long Time Red Foxx Bounce Vybz Kartel Slow Motion Beenie Man The Doctor Humility Elephant Man Di Energy God Poverty Christopher Martin Vibe is Right CeCile Nah Stress Ova man Alison Hinds Rags Up Give it to Them cds single artStreet Bullies Riddim track list
1. Shaggy – Long Time
2. Red Foxx – Bounce (Radio Version)
3. Vybz Kartel – Slow Motion
4. Beenie Man – Humility
5. Elephant Man – Poverty
6. Christopher Martin – Vibe Is Right
7. Ce’Cile – Nah Stress Over Man
8. Alison Hinds – Rags Up (Give It to Them)

Dance for Climate Change Concert
Shaggy performed at the Dance for Climate Change in the Parken stadium, Copenhagen, Denmark on Monday. The concert will be broadcast on tv and radio in over 40 countries! A quote by Shaggy is quote of the day on Campaign Archive. Lenk Photos has a photo gallery of the concert, as does Powless!

Shaggy at the Dance for Climate Change Concert: Hey Sexy Lady (cellphone) video

Despite the big line-up, the turn out for the concert wasn’t high, but the concert will be broadcast in over 40 countries. You can read reviews in the New York Times, Copenhagen Post, COP 15 Post and at Com 4 Dev.

Back to 2001: Shaggy at 125 milioni di Caz..te
Shaggy performed with Celentano on 125 milioni di Caz..te in 2001, both with casts and in chairs. Here’s the video of the Boombastic performance!

Shaggy at 125 milioni di Caz..te in Italy, performing Boombastic together with Celentano!

Intoxication Music Skins
MusicSkins has skins featuring Shaggy’s Intoxication album cover for iPod, Blackberry, PSP, Guitar Hero, Sidekick, laptops and more products here.

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