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May 23, 2010

Shaggy & Tessanne Chin Never Let Me Go lyrics

Binu and me transcribed the lyrics to Shaggy and Tessanne Chin’s hot song Never Let Me Go and you can read them right here! Do not copy these lyrics literally or altered onto any other site without linking to this site!

Intro: Shaggy (Tessanne Chin)
Never letting you go! No, no, no!
It’s your lover, alongside the lovely Tessanne
Shaggy! (Never let me go)
Ah wah me say, yo! (naah)

Verse 1: Shaggy (Tessanne Chin)
Girl you know you’re hot and it’s a natural fact
Top shelf material, you’re from good stock (baby)
You and me together have the place ‘pon lock
Real love of ain’t nobody can talk bad

Letting know, it’s Mr.Lover, there is nothing you lack
Always your man, so make them see they ah chat
Baby girl you feel it, ’cause ah me deal it
We have to seal it, just sing if you believe it

Chorus: Tessanne Chin (Shaggy)
Hold me, keep me coming back for more
Control me (that’s right!)
Tell me that you’ll never let me go
Let me go, let me go, let me go

Verse 2: Shaggy
Now baby, we can take it to a new flight
Take this love we’ve got towards a new height
You and me forever, this is so right
That would finally precede a true life

Hook: Shaggy
Later we can greet her / with the creator, girl, I’m your saviour
For you mi haffi to thank the highest creator
She have the flavour, if nah fi save ya, I man good behaviour
Mister Lover doing you a favour, yeah

Chorus: Tessanne (Shaggy)
Hold me, keep me coming back for more
Control me
Tell me that you’ll never let me go (I’m never letting you go)
Let me go, let me go, let me go

Shaggy & Tessanne – Never Let Me Go live video
at the Bustamente Hospital for Children in Kingston, Jamaica

The lyrics continue below the video!


February 15, 2010

New Shaggy song: Running A Muck, Jolli Rancha Riddim and Rayvon Back It Up

New song: Che’Nelle & Shaggy – Running A Muck!
Che’Nelle and Shaggy recorded a song together: Running A Muck! It will be featured on Che’Nelle’s sophomore album Feel Good, which is set to be released worldwide in February 2010.

Che’Nelle feat. Shaggy Running A Muck is now available for download on the Japanese iTunes. You can also order the cd Feel Good with Running A Muck from Amazon!

Jolli Rancha Riddim
The Jolli Rancha Riddim, featuring Shaggy & Tessanne’s hit song Never Let Me Go as well as contributions by Elephant Man, Christopher Martin, D-Major and Ce’Cile, is now available on iTunes and Amazon!

Jolli Rancha Riddim track list (production: Christopher Birch)
1. Shaggy feat. Tessanne Chin – Never Let Me Go
2. Elephant Man – Call Out Ya Mon Name
3. Christopher Martin feat. D-Major – Here for You Always
4. Ce’Cile – Make Dem Know

Get the Jolli Rancha Riddim from iTunes or Amazon!

Shaggy & Rayvon new songsRayvon Back It Up new 2010 single cover
Shaggy will be featured on Rayvon’s forthcoming album, and Rayvon will also be featured on Shaggy’s new album! Singers’ Room caught up with Rayvon while he was touring in New Zealand and Australia and talked about his music, his background and lots more. You can read the interview here.

Rayvon’s new single is called Back It Up and it’s hot! You can download Rayvon’s new single Back it Up from iTunes!

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