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July 11, 2009

Shaggy in Romania iterviews, videos and photosn

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Shaggy on the Observator
Shaggy was on the Observator 16 on Romanian TV station Antena 1 on July 10 at 16:00h! The video of today’s Observator 16 has an item about Shaggy’s earlier concert in Romania, his music, Shaggy, Rayvon and DJ Kue arriving at the airport and a tv studio interview with Shaggy. Here’s the interview video link! Shaggy’s in the video starting around 35 minutes. It was a very nice interview!

Antena also has a video online containing a small part of the registration of his 2008 Romanian concert.

Shaggy live in KISS FM
Romanian Kiss FM interviewed Shaggy live in studio at 17:00h local time! Three interview videos (click on Videos, then select the video you want to play) are up, as well as a photo gallery! Shaggy is very charming in this interview also.

Monden Shaggy interview
What does Shaggy say about the course of the music industry? How does he regard the role of the internet? This and much more you can read in the Monden interview with photos.


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