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March 6, 2011

Shaggy’s Top 10 on BBC, new song: Shaggy & Ricky Blaze – Wave, EME Text voting and NBC Today Show / Smile Jamaica videos

Shaggy’s Top 10 Dancehall Artists
Which dancehall artists had the biggest influence on Shaggy? BBC Radio 1 & BBC Radio 1Xtra broadcast Shaggy’s Top 10 dancehall artists last night! Shaggy talked about his beginnings in the music business and the dancehall artists who inspired and influenced him most. So… who are on top of Shaggy’s list and why? And what songs were broadcast?

Listen to Shaggy’s Top 10 to find out! The show is available online for 7 days. If you tune in to BBC Radio 1Xtra at 7 PM GMT tonight, you can hear Shaggy’s Top 10 live on air as well!

Update July 31: this show will be broadcast again at 5 A.M. GMT+1 on BBC Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra, tune in!

New song: Shaggy & Ricky Blaze – Wave
Shaggy recorded a new song called Wave with Ricky Blaze! The song was produced by Ricky Blaze and it’s featured on Ricky Blaze’s upcoming Party Vibe riddim (FME Recordings), which will be available on iTunes soon.

Sherman Escoffery premiered the new song on his MRI radio show at E2 On Air yesterday. Listen here! (Wave is on around 1 hour 13 minutes into the show)

EME Awards Text Voting
Online voting for the EME Awards is closed, but if you’re a customer of Lime or Claro telecommunications, you can still text vote for the EME Awards 2011! Shaggy is nominated for Artist of the Decade and International Artist of the Year! Shaggy & Alaine’s For Yur Eyez Only received a nomination for Best Collaboration of the Year as well. For voting instructions and more, visit the EME Awards site!

NBC Today Show / Smile Jamaica videos
NBC Today hosts Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb co-hosted a special edition of TVJ’s Smile Jamaica. Shaggy was one of the featured guests on the show. Segments of the show will be broadcast on the Today Show on NBC in May and the entire show will be posted on the Today show’s site! You can watch a couple videos of the show online already: mixing drinks, rum bar & Fired Up and Shaggy, Simon and Neville working the runway!

Models, Shaggy, Simon and Neville walking the runway


June 11, 2010

Shaggy in Colombia photos and concert videos

Wanna see photos and videos of Shaggy’s hot concert at the Discotheca Palmahia in Medellin, Colombia? Here they are!

Concert, backstage and press conference photos
Discotheca Palmahia has a photo gallery with lots of photos of the Shaggy & crew concert at Medellin, Colombia! The gallery also has backstage and press conference pictures.

Bam Bam, Murder She Wrote and Chica Bonita HQ live video!

Hey Sexy Lady HD Colombia live video!

More Colombia concert videos
Caracol TV made a concert review video with footage from the concert! Would you like to see more videos of Shaggy live in Colombia? Visit the 2010 Colombia concert page with many more video links!

Press conference videos
Caracol TV also has an interview video from the press conference, which also includes parts of the Angel music video clip! MSN also has a video with parts of the press conference, Fly High and Hey Sexy Lady!

Shaggy’s entrance and Boombastic Discoteca Palmahia, Medellin HQ live video!

October 14, 2009

Shaggy and Bruck Up live on Good Day New York, Shakti Love Fest

Shaggy & Bruck Up live on Good Day New York
Shaggy and Bruck Up will perform their cool Sunglasses a.k.a. Keep Ya Shades On single live in the studio of Good Day New York this morning between 7 and 10 AM on WNYW/FOX5! More info.

You can either watch the show live in an online webstream here or maybe later in the GDNY webcast!

Update: Bruck Up, Shaggy and Rayvon were just on! They were all sharply dressed and wearing sunglasses. Shaggy talked about his time in the Marines, Bruck Up spoke about his Jamaican background, Bruck Up and Shaggy performed their hot new single Sunglasses a.k.a. Keep Ya Shades On and Shaggy & Rayvon sang Angel live in the studio! Here’s the pretty cool interview and performance video featuring Shaggy, Bruck Up and Rayvon. Enjoy!

Shaggy, Bruck Up & Rayvon interview, Sunglasses and Angel live!

Shakti Love Fest photos
A lot of photos of the Shakti Love Fest are online! The Shakti Love Fest is a charity event that was organized on October 3 in association with the Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation for the benefit of the Bustamente Hospital for Children. You can view the first part of the photos of the Shakti Love Fest (Shaggy is on page 2 and 3) here and a five-page photo gallery of the Shakti Love Fest Launch on Facebook!

Yard Edge also has an article with photos of the Shakti Love Fest, which was organized in association with the Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation for Shaggy’s Bustamente Hospital for Children charity, and writes it’s a huge success. You can read the article and view the photos here.

2003 video: SOS-Kinderdorf, Shaggy for Kids for Kids and more
Here’s a video from 2003 which shows Shaggy singing Boombastic. It also shows one of Shaggy’s other charity involvements: SOS-Kinderdorf and the track Suffer on the Kids for Kids album.

Back to 2003: Shaggy live, SOS-Kinderdorf, Kids for Kids cd and more

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