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February 4, 2010

Raggamuffin Festival 2010 videos, photos, reviews and interviews

Wanna see a lot of photo and videos for the Raggamuffin Festival 2010, which kicked off in New Zealand and continued in Australia? Then be sure to read on!

Raggamuffin Australia photos
Gigchick has photos of Shaggy at the Raggamuffin Festival 2010 (see her photos of Shaggy at the Raggamuffin Festival 2009 and 2010 here)! Mystifyme concert photography has a photo gallery of the Raggamuffin Festival at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, including photos of Shaggy & crew! And Rebecca Holden / De-tec-tive has a photo gallery of Shaggy in concert in Melbourne (more at Faster Louder)!

Shaggy’s entrance, Long Time and Bonafide Girl in Melbourne HQ video

Would you like to see more photos? WA Today also has a photo gallery of Shaggy & crew at the Raggamuffin Festival (click on Previous or Next for more photos). There are also fan photos at the Raggamuffin Facebook. Perth Now has a review and held an interview with Shaggy about how he likes to perform for the second time in a row at the Raggamuffin Festival, about his charity work and about Jamaican music

Raggamuffin Australia videos
All reviews say Shaggy’s show at the Raggamuffin Festival in Australia was hot! See it for yourself, here are a couple of videos! Wow! Judging from the videos as well, it must have been an awesome concert! The songs that DJ Kue and Shaggy played in the crowd teaser video are I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas), Welcome to Jamrock (Damian Marley), Land Down Under (Men at Work), Broader than Broadway (Barrington Levy / Shaggy) and Angel.

Shaggy & DJ Kue Crowd Teaser in Melbourne HQ video

More videos of the Raggamuffin Festival in Australia: Bonafide Girl (Melbourne), Angel and In the Summertime!

Shaggy in New Zealand interviews and reviews
Juice TV caught up with Shaggy for an interview upon his arrival in New Zealand and has photos. News Talk also interviewed Shaggy about the festival.

By estimation, thirty to forty thousand people attended the first day of the festival in Rotorua, NZ, and the performances and atmosphere were awesome, according to all reports. TV NZ and News Talk. If you wanna read another review of the Raggamuffin Festival, visit Voxy.

Raggamuffin Festival New Zealand videos
One video from the Raggamuffin Festival in Rotorua, New Zealand has been embedded below. It’s Shaggy & crew performing Feel the Rush!

Feel the Rush live at the Raggamuffin Festival in New Zealand

You can also watch (or listen to) videos that were taken further away from the stage of Bonafide Girl and That Girl, Shaggy’s entrance and Angel, Crowd Teaser, Broadway, Angel and In the Summertime, Broadway and Angel, Angel and Strength of a Woman!

February 2, 2009

Shaggy in Australia videos, photos and reviews

Shaggy is performing on the Raggamuffin Festival 2009 in Australia and New Zealand, as well as Ziggy Marley, Eddy Grant, Arrested Development, Bonjah and Ali Campbell (UB40 frontman). Here are videos, photos and reviews of Shaggy’s performance!

Opening night at Supreme Court Gardens, Perth videos, photos and reviews
Shaggy performed at the opening night of the Raggamuffin Festival 2009 on January 24 at Supreme Court Gardens in Perth, Australia. Wireimage has photos of Shaggy and Rayvon! Perth Now has a review article and three photos of Shaggy’s show on the premier night of the Raggamuffin Festival 2009 at Supreme Court Gardens in Perth, Australia. WA Today has a review and photo and Antz Pantz has high quality photos of Shaggy & band and the other artists in his photo gallery!
There are more pictures, reviews and videos below the first two videos!

Shaggy & Brian Gold in Perth I: Hey Sexy Lady live video

Shaggy, Rayvon & Rik Rok in Perth II: Shaggy’s entrance and dance, Angel and It Wasn’t Me live video

More Shaggy in Australia reviews and photos
Jamaica Observer article and picture. Goldcoast wrote a piece about the Raggamuffin Festival 2009 too. Also, Perth Music has a review and Antz Pantz’ pictures of the Raggamuffin Festival 2009.

Shaggy & crew live at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre, Australia videos
Here are more videos from the Raggamuffin Festival 2009!

Shaggy sings Oh Carolina

Shaggy & crew play Hey Sexy Lady

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