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July 14, 2011

Very rare Shaggy song: Shaggy – Sponger (1990)!

Rare 1990 Shaggy song: Sponger!
Now let’s take it back to 1990, when Shaggy was recording music while he was still in the Marines. This was long before he had his first hits with Oh Carolina, Big Up, Bombastic, Angel and more and before he recorded his first album Pure Pleasure. Shaggy showed his dj talent and skills in these early recordings already!

Listen to a very, very rare Shaggy song… it’s Shaggy’s early 1990 recording Sponger, produced by Jimmy Roots for Blue Mountain Records! Unity & Justice by Marshall One & Premo and the version are also featured on the vinyl and in the audio below. Check it out!

VERY RARE 1990 song: Shaggy – Sponger

Big up to Mastahpiece!

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August 19, 2010

Ruff Entry Crew classic 1993 live video

Ruff Entry Crew
New York based dancehall artists such as Shaggy, Rayvon, Screechie Dan, Red Foxx, Bajja Jedd, Nikey Fungus, Natural Lee and Mr. Easy formed a dancehall group, the Ruff Entry Crew, in the early nineties. The crew members had many local and international hits and were known for their often very energetic performances.

1993 live video
Wanna see a classic Ruff Entry Crew live video? Here’s a video of Shaggy and other members of the Ruff Entry Crew performing at the Reggae Awards in 1993! In the video you can watch Shaggy performing Oh Carolina. Other artists featured in the video are among others Red Foxx, Bajja Jedd, Mr Easy, Nikey Fungus and Nadine Sutherland.

Ruff Entry Crew live (Shaggy’s Oh Carolina is at 8.10 minutes into the video)!
{sorry, unfortunately this video has been removed from YouTube and is currently unavailable}

July 30, 2009

New Shaggy song Alison Hinds and Shaggy Can’t Let My Luv Go

New Shaggy song! Alison Hinds & Shaggy – Can’t Let My Luv Go!
Shaggy and Alison Hinds recorded a new song together on the Mash Up riddim, produced by Christopher Birch. It’s called Can’t Let My Luv Go. It sounds cool!

Shaggy at Hangar 7, Salzburg, Austria
Shaggy performed at Hangar 7 on July 22. Below is one more video from the concert, you can read a review n the Hangar 7 site.

Shaggy at Hangar 7: Feel the Rush

Classic nineties video: The girls love me

More Hangar 7 photos, reviews and videos

December 28, 2008

Shaggy and Maxi Priest That Girl Baywatch video edition

Shaggy and Maxi Priest were in a couple of episodes of Baywatch with their song That Girl (1996). Thanks to maxipriestmusic, you can now view the rare video clip for That Girl – the Baywatch edition. It’s different from the regular That Girl video and it features Shaggy, Maxi Priest and the cast from Baywatch, among others Pamela Anderson. I never watched Baywatch so I don’t know any of the other cast members’ names, so you can see for yourself. You can watch the video here!

Shaggy & Maxi Priest That Girl Baywatch video clip edition


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