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December 10, 2011

New: Rayvon & Shaggy – Wedding Song (Remix) on the Dixie Riddim!

New: Rayvon & Shaggy – Wedding Song (Dixie Riddim)
Rayvon and Shaggy recorded the beautiful Wedding Song on the upcoming Dixie Riddim! The Dixie Riddim will be released on December 16 and was produced by Bassrunner Productions. It features among others tunes by Shaggy & Rayvon, Red Fox, Natalie Storm, Trixstar, Onton feat. Voicemail and Rojah. You can get it on iTunes or Amazon!

The Dixie Riddim premiered on Sentinel Sound’s Kingston Hot Radioshow. Here you can listen to the premiere of the hot new riddim and the beautiful Wedding Song by Rayvon & Shaggy!

New! Dixie Riddim feat. Rayvon & Shaggy – Wedding Song

The original version of Wedding Song is one of the songs on Rayvon’s newest album Rayvon!

Bassrunner Productions Dixie Riddim album cover featuring Rayvon and Shaggy Wedding Song Remix

Get your copy of the Dixie Riddim now!

November 7, 2011

New song: Cabo Snoop feat. Fat Joe & Shaggy – Windek Remix!

New: Cabo Snoop feat. Fat Joe & Shaggy – Windek Remix!
Check out the brand new hot remix of Windek by Cabo Snoop, Fat Joe & Shaggy! Shaggy adds his dj sound to the Windek Remix at 2:25 minutes into the song. This remix is definitely hot!

Cabo Snoop feat. Fat Joe & Shaggy – Windek Remix

August 29, 2011

Shaggy featured on new Cobra Starship album Night Shades (Deluxe Version)

Shaggy featured on new Cobra Starship album Night Shades (Deluxe Version)
Cobra Starship’s new album Night Shades (Deluxe Version) has been released today and Shaggy is featured on the new album! Shaggy adds his raggamuffin sound to the hot bonus track Anything for Love (the Cobra Starship Mix) and the according to track list, he’s also featured on the You Make Me Feel… (Futurecop Remix). You can download Night Shades (Deluxe Version) from iTunes!

Cobra Starship new 2011 album Night Shades Deluxe Version featuring Shaggy Anything for Love (Cobra Starship Mix) feat. Shaggy and  You Make Me Feel... (Futurecop Remix)

July 21, 2011

Sugarcane Extended Video Version (Official Director’s Cut) and Sneak peek: Sugarcane remix

Shaggy brings you the feel good vibes of Sugarcane for the summer of 2011. The video was all shot in Jamaica, in the areas of Port Royal, Falmouth, and Portland. Sugarcane was produced by Teflon the Producer. The Sugarcane Remix was produced by Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor. Both the original and the remix are great!

Did you catch the original Sugarcane video yet? If not, you can watch it here. Director Jay Will for Game Over released an extended version of the Sugarcane video (the official director’s cut), watch it below! Wanna know what Shaggy’s saying? Check the video with lyrics! Sugarcane is the first single on Shaggy’s awesome 2011 album Summer in Kingston!

Shaggy – Sugarcane Extended Video Version (Official Director’s Cut)

Director: Jay Will (Game Over)
Producer: Carleene Samuels
DP: Chris Browne, Richard Lannaman, Storm, Garteh Cobran
Editor: Kritik (KAOARTS)
Musical Score: Smokey (Sakiynah)

Sneak peek of the brand new hot remix of Sugarcane featuring
Chino & Agent Sasco, produced by Stephen Di Genius McGregor

Summer in Kingston is the #1 album on the iTunes Reggae Album Charts and Sugarcane is the #1 single on the iTunes Reggae Song Charts! Get your copy of Summer in Kingston now!

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