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June 23, 2009

MTV Inside Shaggy in Jamaica, BMO Music Fest ’09 Shaggy photos

MTV Inside Shaggy in Jamaica video MTV Japan
Wanna take a look in Shaggy´s Big Yard music studio in Jamaica, watch interviews and hear a lot of cool music? MTV Japan did a documentary about Shaggy in Jamaica. Shaggy talks about his origins in Rae Town, Kingston, his music from the Ruff Entry Crew, his situation with different record companies until Church Heathen and Intoxication (which was being released when this video documentary was made) and you get to take a look in his house and his studio. Bob Marley’s studio is also featured in the video. The music in the video is among others Big Up (live), Boombastic, Luv Me Luv Me, Why Must She Treat You So Bad, Angel, It Wasn’t Me, Wild 2Nite, More Woman, Woman Scorned, What’s Love, Reggae Vibes and the rare Call Me Up!

Big Yard´s manager and producer Robert Livingston also talks about Shaggy and how their collaboration came about. He says Shaggy’s one of the greatest artist he’s ever met. Fellow artists Chuck Fender, Blacker, General Degree, Christopher Martin and Voicemail also speak about Shaggy. Shaggy made a special Church Heathen and Call Me Up dubplate for MTV Japan as well. You can now watch the video online!

BMO Music Fest 2009 Tokyo and Okinawa photos
Spotted Stripes has a photo of Shaggy in Tokyo and a pic of Shaggy in Okinawa. Positive Productions also has a picture.

BMO Music Fest 2009 Okinawa video of Angel

More BMO Music Fest 2009 videos


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  2. Mi love Shaggy to death, he is so handsome, so hot, so gorgeous, and so so so talented…..I am his biggest #1 Fan in the world, because mi have all of his albums,plenty pictures of him, god mi love him, and im gonna keep supporting him til the day i die…….mi love listening to his sexy sexy sexy voice………ooh his voice just turns me on…………..I am so dying to meet him one day, that is my biggest wish of all………….Shaggy mi love you, I wish i could meet you right now…………If You are interested in talking to me please contact me at: (215)927-2516 or just email me at:….

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