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September 1, 2009

New song Ida Corr feat. Shaggy Under the Sun

Ida Corr feat. Shaggy Under the Sun
Ida Corr’s new album Under the Sun has been released this week! You can listen to the hot title track, Under the Sun, which features Shaggy, on! Thanks to Stefan from the Ida!

Possible upcoming tour dates
Here are three new possible upcoming tour dates. They have not been officially confirmed, so we don’t know if Shaggy is going to be at these shows.

Geneva, Switzerland
Tillate is giving away ten pairs of free tickets to Shaggy’s live showcase at Club Bypass in Geneva, which will take place on September 3 according to the site! You can find more info on the Business Clubbing site and Club Bypass.

Slottsgatan, Sweden
The Otten Nightclub in Slottsgatan, Sweden, writes that Shaggy will perform there on September 5. Source and more info: Otten Nightclub.

According to Bureau of Tourism of the island of Mauritius, Shaggy will headline the Festival International Kreol at the island of Mauritius, which will take place between November 28 and December 5. Source: Ile Maurice Tourisme Infos. CONFIRMED, PROBABLY ON DECEMBER 5

Ida Corr feat. Shaggy Under the Sun Shaggy lyrics
Here are Shaggy’s words from Under the Sun written down by, for promotional purposes only, no infringement intended

First I might hit you under my prime time
When the moon hit the stars at the skyline (right)
It isn’t hard to recognize the right signs (aha)
Seems be like perfection and you’re all mine
As the sun meets the sea in the evening
You and i could consummate our feelings
Never thought it would be so revealing (that’s right)
You touch me with your therapeutic feeling
Well baby let us emphasize, every time we fantasize
Bottom line you are a prize, such a different rule applies
Love the flex, need the sex, never know what’s coming next
Baby girl now light the right, love it when our hearts collide
Be together cyaan’t divide
Everybody put aside
It’s Ida Corr, she’s giving you some more

Sweet and nice every time, Ida Corr, it’s Mr Lover up front and personal
Yeah, wah wah

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