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June 28, 2008

Shaggy on X-Jam 2008 videos, Afro-Latino photos, Festa dell’Unità

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June 28 – Shaggy at Afro-Latino pics
Darth Stijn has high quality pictures of Shaggy’s performance on the Afro-Latino 2008 Festival in Bree, Belgium (go to pictures -> -> main menu -> concerts -> afro latino zaterdag to view the photos). Thanks to his post including several photos on Belgium Digital.

Shaggy on Festa dell’Unità 2008
Shaggy will perform on the Festa dell’Unità 2008 in Rome, Italy on July 16. You can find more information and further links about Shaggy’s performance on the Festa dell’ Unita on Musical

Shaggy live on X-Jam 2008 in Turkey videos
Shaggy played a concert on the Maturareise X-Jam 2008 in Turkey this week. Here are some more videos thanks to marsupilami01!

Shaggy Hey Sexy Lady at the X-Jam 2008

Shaggy Feel the Rush at the X-Jam 2008

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