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July 3, 2011

Shaggy in Tanzania Part II: Shaggy made chief of the Sukuma people & Serengeti Fiesta Mwanza videos and photos

Shaggy made ambassador and chief of the Sukuma People Tanzania
Shaggy visited the Sukuma Museum at Bujora, Tanzania, where he was crowned as the ambassador and chief of the Sukuma people! Check this coronation ceremony video by Michuzi Jr and the new video by the PUSH Observer!

Visit Michuzi Jr, Issa Michuzi, Full Shangwe, Swahili Speakers, Prosper, Shaggy’s Facebook and Bongo Weekend for lots of photos!

Shaggy crowned as chief of the Sukuma People in Tanzania

Shaggy was just made Chief of Bulabo village 'Sukuma people' Tanzania © DJ Kue Shaggy was coronated chief and ambassador of the Sukuma people in Tanzania Bujora Sukuma Museum Shaggy was made ambassador and traditional ruler of the Sukuma people in Tanzania ceremony performance photo

Shaggy & crew live performance at the Serengeti Fiesta in Mwanza
Shaggy performed at the Serengeti Fiesta at the Stage CCM Kirumba in Mwanza, Tanzania, and patrons say the show was hooot! Check it for yourself: live videos by Clouds Entertainment of Boombastic and What’s Love!

Shaggy & crew – What’s Love live video! Wow!

Serengeti Fiesta Shaggy concert photos
Wanna see photos of Shaggy’s hot concert at the Serengeti Fiesta in Mwanza, Tanzania? Clouds FM and Full Shangwe have photo galleries and reviews!

Press conference, sound check and arrival photos
Full Shangwe has photo galleries of the sound check and press conference! The entire Clouds FM team awaited Shaggy’s arrival in Mwanza, Tanzania and has photos of Shaggy with Miss Mwanza 2011 and videos of Shaggy & crew and Shaggy before their performance! And Gsengo, Ajay and Full Shangwe also have photos of Shaggy arriving in Mwanza.

More on Shaggy in Tanzania: Zanzibar International Film Festival

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