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August 11, 2007

Part 4 Shaggy and Cyndi Lauper live photos and video at Singfest 2007 in Singapore

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There are a lot more pictures of the Shaggy and Cyndi Lauper concerts at the Singfest 2007 in Singapore online, so here’s a review of all new reviews, pictures, links to a even more pictures that I found and a video of the Shaggy & Cyndi Lauper combo for Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. So here it goes…

For more Singfest 2007 photos and videos of the Pet Shop Boys, Shaggy, the Stranglers, Cyndi Lauper & Shaggy, the Sacha Bach Band and Sugar Ray scroll down or visit my picture, show and video reviews Part I, II and III (you can see them all on one page in the August News archive).

When Cyndi Lauper invited Shaggy on stage, she traded the black wig she came on stage with for Shaggy’s hat at some point in time – you can see it all at Concede. Dawn Yang also has a couple of pics of Shaggy and Eatnlive has very clear photos of Shaggy, Na’Sha and Cyndi Lauper as well as Same old Brand New me-17 on which you can see Cyndi Lauper wearing Shaggy’s hat.

There are also Shaggy & Cyndi Lauper pictures at the Singfest galleries by Faith and Adigal.Cyndi Lauper Source, a Cyndi Lauper fan site, has a large number of pictures of the Shaggy & Cyndi Lauper duet, as well of a review of what fans who attended the concert wrote (I think I linked them as well). Niquey has a picture of Shaggy & Cyndi Lauper making funny faces and a pic of Shaggy on his concert without Cyndi. Freya has a couple of large pictures of Shaggy, Tony Gold, Michael Fletcher and the rest of the band.

And then there are also reviews without pictures of Shaggy. Both Snapdroplock and Lover suicide write that Shaggy’s show was a blast; Gunz writes that Shaggy brought the atmosphere to a new high, he livened up the show and he got many people who were sitting down before to dance to his music. Ah, Shaggy knows how to get a crowd go wild, doesn’t he?

Pictures thanks to Faith

Pictures thanks to Adigal

Shaggy and Cyndi Lauper performing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun together live at the Singfest 2007 in Fort Canning Park, Singapore

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