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May 28, 2007

Shaggy interview by Voice Online

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After doing a controversial (alleged) interview with the Sun while in London (that was copied and translated by newspapers around the world), Shaggy sat down with Voice Online to tell them how Church Heathen came about and what’s the deal with Clothes Drop and his upcoming album Intoxication. Church Heathen apparently was partly inspired by Olivia from G-Unit and since Shaggy also wanted to reconnect with the dancehall audience and didn’t wanna come out again with a girl’s tune (he has done a lot of them) or a dance tune (as he says, he can’t dance), he came up with Church Heathen, which proved to be a big hit on the dancehall charts across the globe.

He left his former record company, Geffen, a while ago, since they weren’t properly promoting his former album Clothes Drop (which is so true) and they didn’t properly let him get back to his roots. This time around, he is releasing his new single and album through his own music label Big Yard and the well-known VP Records. The single Church Heathen will be out on June 4th; the new album Intoxication will be released this summer already.

And there’s other good news! After releasing his album Intoxication, Shaggy says he will do a lot of touring in Europe!

Source: Voice Online

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