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May 11, 2007

Robbo Ranx … intoxicated: listen to three Shaggy interviews and a first spin of Shaggy’s new song Intoxication off his upcoming album!

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I was too tired last night to write something on here while Robbo Ranx’ show Dancehall Splurt was on BBC 1Xtra, but here it finally is: Robbo Ranx did an interview with Shaggy last night and was the first to play Shaggy’s title song on his new upcoming album Intoxication! The riddim sounds hard, the lyrics are baaadd.. basically, Intoxication is a hot hot song!!
(although I have to say that I also like one of his other new tunes with Red Fox and Screechie Dan, “Girls Like”, very much).

“I ain’t never gonna drink again
before I take a sip I’m gonna think of when
I had s’ex with my woman best friend
I can blame intoxication

ain’t never gonna drink again
before I take a sip I’m gonna think of when
I had s’ex with a girl I considered a friend
I can’t blame intoxication”

Robbo also played Shaggy’s tunes on the VIP Riddim, Hear Dis and Rub a Dub We Want, Angel and his big #1 hit Church Heathen (twice), which is currently number one again on the British dancehall charts. Both Shaggy and Robert Livingston, Shaggy’s long time manager on Big Yard, confirmed that Shaggy’s album is due on June 4th, which means it will be in stores in July 2007!

Listen to last night’s Shaggy interview and Intoxication here

Note: Thursday’s Dancehall Splurt will only be up for a week from now, until the next show has been broadcast!

I hadn’t linked the interview Robbo did a couple of weeks ago for Dancehall After Dark, and I found the former 1-part interview has been replaced by two parts. So if you wanna hear them or the other interviews Robbo Ranx did with Elephant Man, Sean Paul, Beenie Man and King Jammys, go here, they’ll be available for a longer time than last night’s interview!

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