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August 17, 2007

More Singfest 2007 pictures

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There are loads more photos of the Singfest 2007 in Fort Canning Park, Singapore on August 8 (Day 1) and 9 (Day 2). The Sacha Bach Band, Shaggy, the Stranglers, Cyndi Lauper & Shaggy, Sugar Ray and the Pet Shop Boys performed on Day 1. For a lot of pictures visit the official Singfest web site or (album 1 and 2 of the Singfest 2007 – you might need to register), Todaealas also has pics of Shaggy, Na’Sha and Shaggy and Cyndi Lauper where Shaggy is wearing Cyndi’s wig and Cyndi is wearing Shaggy’s hat, Kissedbyafool has some pictures from the album and Amaka has a lot of very good pictures of the festival as well.

The pictures below are courtesy of Amaka.

Shaggy & Cyndi Lauper



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