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July 21, 2007

Dancehall Vibes show

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The dancehall show was very good again … big up to Danny Pepperseed for the shout out to me, Nicole and and the people tuning in to the show from this site!!

The Shaggy songs played were Jacket (wow! I like this song!) on the Big Yard Hard Beat riddim produced by Robert Livingston and Sting International which also features Rayvon’s Games We Play (the lyrics are the same as in Games We Play on the Stock Track Riddim, but the riddim is different) and Bonafide Love feat. Rik Rok and Tony Gold (as the name says, it’s a love song, a very nice one too) and Yuh A Move Hype on the Shanty Town a.k.a. Panty Town Riddim, the first one of which will also be on Shaggy’s forthccoming 2007 album Intoxication.

Sorry for my initial mistakes in the show times… big up Danny Pepperseed from Ovadoze Movement once again!

[edited: corrected some errors and incomplete information] [edited twice: updated / corrected some of the info, thnx Danny!]

Dancehall Vibes Jacket and Bonafide Love

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Danny Pepperseed from Ovadoze Movement will play TWO new Shaggy tunes in his Dancehall Vibes show on Stadsradio Helmond today. The show starts in about an hour from now, at 14.00 Amsterdam / Berlin time and lasts till 16.00 (please convert to your local times here). The songs – Jacket (riddim yet unknown) and Bonafide Love featuring Rik Rok on the Shanty Town Riddim a.k.a. Panty Town Riddim, produced by Sting International will definitely be played on the show. So if you wanna hear the newest Shaggy songs that you probably haven’t heard of or heard anywhere before and if you wanna hear some more good dancehall vibes selection, this is definitely a show you don’t wanna miss!Shaggy

So here’s the link I’ve been teasing you with since yesterday:

Listen to this great show!

July 20, 2007

New Shaggy songs

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So… do you wanna hear the very, very latest Shaggy songs? Between 12 am and 2 pm CEST tomorrow (Saturday July 21) you’ll get a link to the live stream of the Dancehall Vibes show right here on this page which will play not ONE but TWO previously unplayed Shaggy songs (other than the ones that I wrote about last time) as well as some tunes on a new Big Yard riddim, the Rosie Riddim, which was produced by Robert Livingston and features tracks by Richie Spice, Voicemail, Chuck Fender, Christoper Martin, Chezidek, Jah Mason, Prezident Brown, D-Linx, Junior Kelly, Jahmel, Hawkeye and a combination between Brian Gold, Iceman and D’Major.

One of the new Shaggy songs is a song on the Panty Town a.k.a. Shanty Town Riddim (and it’s not Yuh A Move Hype), the other one is a tune I’M SURE you haven’t heard of, haven’t read about or haven’t heard before – it’s not even known what riddim it is on, it’s that new!

So if you wanna hear the very newest Shaggy music, return to this site at 14 pm CEST (more timezones – sorry for the earlier wrong times, what was I thinking! thnx Danny for pointing it out to me) tomorrow’!

Big up Danny Pepperseed from Ovadoze Movement!

Shaggy interview video

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Shaggy will perform at the huge Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica today, along with other artists such as LL Cool J, Buju Banton, Morgan Heritage, Allison Hinds, Alaine, Da’Ville, Cherine, Christopher Martin (Shaggy’s Big Yard stable mate), Etana and Iley Dread. I’m sure pictures and videos of the concert will be available later, but for now there’s an interesting Shaggy interview of which I can’t resist to post some pictures as well – doesn’t he look so cool!?

shaggy intoxication tv interviewshaggy intoxication mtv interview sunglasses
shaggy intoxication church heathen watch tv interview 2007 new albumwatch shaggy intoxication interview live on mtvshaggy intoxication tv interview cool gothic look

Church Heathen
The basic concept of Church Heathen are the experiences of a man who is not
an avid church goer, but who is pressured by his church going girlfriend to come to church with her on Sunday. So he goes reluctantly and he sees there are a lot of things happening in the church although he thought it would be boring. He
sits beside a woman who tells him what’s going down in the church (infidelity, fraud, men who only go to church to get chicks, the irls who are jumping up and down praising at the lord who were at the dirty dance the night before [you can watch the video of the night before Shaggy went to church and the Sunday in church itself here]), so he decides it’s better than a soap opera and “decides he’ll be present again next Sunday. So the song is dealing with the issues going on in a candid way and it’s not as much political as it could be. Shaggy says jokingly: “don’t
mess with me, since I can still do a remix”.

The new album is called Intoxication because the music feels intoxicating, not because Shaggy was intoxicated while making the album. It’s his first album without an A&R (“thank God”). The album was made by Shaggy himself mostly and he wants to keep things this way before he goes back to a major [Shaggy parted ways with Geffen Records in October last year and is now with VP Records and his own label, Big Yard Music Group]. He’s enjoing his freedom right now, Church Heathen has started off properly [it has been #1 for weeks on the Jamaican, NY, Miami and English dancehall charts to name a few] and everything is going the way he wants it to happen.

He proceeds to talk about his achievements in music (Shaggy has achieved more than any other artist in his genre of music, but he wants to regain the dancehall by connecting with the generation that has missed out on his dancehall hits like Big Up, Hot Gal, Girls’File, Mampie or his first #1 Oh Carolina and is on his way doing so by his underground new dancehall successes like Church Heathen, Ready Fi Di Ride and Rub a Dub We Want), his musical stylea and working with so-called superproducers like Scott Storch and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. More (interview video and article in Italian).

July 19, 2007

Download Shaggy interview and live concert videos at Rototom Sunsplash in Italy

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Part of the Rototom live stream videos as well as an interview with Shaggy about his upcoming album Intoxication are available for download! The downloadable video features among others Shaggy and Rayvon performing Oh Carolina, Big Up, Wild 2Nite and the Rivers of Babylon. Tanya Stephens and Groundation are among the other artists on the video.

Note: The live video / audio can be downloaded below in Real Media (.rm / .ram 206 MB), Windows Media (.wmv 225 MB), XVID (.avi 757 MB), high resolution but smaller format (.mpg 179 MB), DVD (4.225 GB), podcast / .MP3 (55 MB) or you can watch it through a satellite connection. As you can see, most downloads are pretty big! You need to select the video 10)- Il meglio dal Rototom Sunsplash 2007 – 14 luglio 2007 for the concert of 14/07/2007 to be able to watch the Shaggy and Rayvon show performance.

If you wanna see more of Shaggy, Rayvon, Tony Gold an Na’Sha live in concert at the Rototom Sunsplash 2007 you can go here. We have videos for the concert, the soundcheck of Boombastic, Oh Carolina, Church Heathen, Come Around Remix (Collie Buddz original), It Wasn’t Me, Big Up, Hey Sexy Lady, Strength of a Woman, Get My Party On, Clothes Drop, Wild 2Nite, Bashment Party, Rivers of Babylon, Why Me Lord, No Guns No Murder and I think more might follow. Enjoy!

The large versions can only be downloaded here at the moment.

Intoxication: Shaggy’s new album track list and album cover

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Shaggy Intoxication Church Heathen 2007 new album cover cd - this image, original image and derivatives are copyright of their original owners and creators, no copyright infringement intended. If you'd like me to remove this image please comment below or send an email to my name at

Shaggy’s new album Intoxication will be released in a few weeks from now (at least in Japan as far as I know) and the track lists and album covers are finally starting to show up. Even for the Japanese versions of the album there are two track listings and two album covers, so I’m not sure which one is correct – or even if either one is correct. The first one is the one I linked before, the second one is also quite possible since a couple of radio stations that played the track formerly known as “Bonafide Girl” recently started to call it “Bonafide” (sorry, no playback links available). One of the bonus tracks differs, so maybe it’s just versions from two countries. Anyway, if you’re interested take a look below.

Off the songs of the new album Church Heathen, Reggae Vibes, Intoxication, All about Love, Mad, Mad World feat. Sizzla Kalonji and Collie Buddz, More Woman, Bonafide feat. Rik Rok and Tony Gold, Those Days feat. Na’Sha and Woman’s Scorn have been played on radio at least once. I’m curious as to what the full tracks and other songs will be like!

BTW, do you like the album cover that was uploaded on several sites a couple of hours ago? Shaggy’s name is still about the written in the same way, it’s just a little longer, still looking cool. He has a new brand signature (if you can call it that), which looks gothic and fits right in with the Intoxication font, his image lately and the clothes he’s wearing on the cover. I’m not sure whether this is the real album cover, no copyright infringement intended.

Intoxication (2007)
Can’t Hold Me
Bonafide Girl feat. Rik Rok and Tony Gold
Those Were the Days feat. Na’Sha
More Woman
Woman’s Scorn feat. Na’Sha
Mad, Mad World feat. Sizzla Kalonji & Collie Buddz
What’s Love feat. Akon
Outta Control feat. Rayvon
Church Heathen
Wear Di Crown feat. Mischieve
Holla At You
All About Love
Body A Shake *
Reggae Vibes *

Intoxication (2007)
Can’t Hold Me
More Woman
Bonafide feat. Rik Rok and Tony Gold
Those Days feat. Na’Sha
Holla At You
Outta Control feat. Rayvon
Woman’s Scorn
Church Heathen
Wear Di Crown feat. Mischieve
Mad, Mad World feat. Sizzla Kalonji and Collie Buddz
What’s Love feat. Akon
All About Love
Reggae Vibes *
Wrong Move *

* = the asterisk indicates that the song is a bonus track

July 17, 2007

More Shaggy at Rototom Sunsplash live reggae festival videos

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Shaggy and Rayvon playing with the crowds

Shaggy and Rayvon – Rototom Sunsplash
Shaggy Strength of a Woman and It Wasn’t Me live at Rototom

Shaggy Church Heathen live at Rototom

Shaggy Boombastic live at Rototom

July 15, 2007

Rototom Sunsplash

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Hey! I hope you guys enjoyed last night’s live feed of Shaggy and Rayvon in concert at the Rototom Sunsplash festival in Osoppo, Italy. Rayvon (wow! what a voice this man has! and what a performance!) sang Damn, Games We Play, Bashment Party, the Rivers of Babylon and more songs with Shaggy among others. Shaggy (wow too! what a great, wild concert, I wish I’d been there for real!), who already made a big impression at his soundcheck turned into an improvised concert, performed in an exclusive set Wild 2Nite, Hot Gal, Big Up, Boombastic, Oh Carolina, crowd interaction, Broadway, In the Summertime, Angel, Strength of a Woman, It Wasn’t Me, Lucky Day, Get My Party On, Church Heathen, Hey Sexy Lady, Jamaican dance, war of the worlds, Clothes Drop, Get Up Stand Up and Fight, Come Around Remix, medley of ganja songs (We Smoke Weed and Get High, Highest Grade, more ganja songs, Rub a Dub She Want, Pass It Over), Rub a Dub She Want, show it off, Reggae Vibes, Hear This, Strictly Rub a Dub We Want and Luv Me Luv Me.

If you missed the live concert or live video and mp3 stream yesterday, here are some videos and pictures and we also present you with a review.

Sunsplash News also has a lot of Shaggy pictures of Shaggy’s concert and soundcheck and a note of Shaggy being backstage the day before his own concert. Click on all underscored words to check the articles and pictures out!

Shaggy and Na’Sha – Wild 2Nite

Shaggy and Rayvon Big Up

Shaggy Boombastic and Oh Carolina

Rayvon No Guns No Murder

Shaggy love the reggae, Oh Carolina, Rayvon By the Rivers of Babylon

By the way, the Shaggy picture gallery at the official Rototom site has also been updated with pictures of the concert. They’re pretty good (as was the concert!). Did you know Rayvon is rocking a beard nowadays? Shaggy and the whole band are looking pretty cool. If you wanna see them, click here. There’s also a review of the concert in Italian.

July 14, 2007

Watch Shaggy in concert live video, photos and interviews at Rototom Sunsplash Festival

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Shaggy will be performing tonight at the Rototom Sunsplash Festival in Osoppo, Italy which you’ll be able to view live and he’s been busy promoting his upcoming album Intoxication on several media (expect a lot more interview links in a few days). I’ll give you a selection of Shaggy’s interviews in Italy (I’ll add more interviews in other countries and forthcoming reviews later), a lot of pictures and a link to a live stream to watch Shaggy’s and Rayvon’s concert tonight between 24.00/0.00 pm and 2.00/3.00 am!

Click on the banner below to watch the live stream of Rototom Sunsplash, which will feature a Rayvon concert followed by a Shaggy concert in a few hours from now. Before that, Groundation (which is on right now), Tanya Stephens and more will take the stage.

Shaggy did a soundcheck on Rototom earlier today, which was transformed into a small improvised concert and the people who were lucky to attend it say it was pretty hot. Shaggy performed some of his own songs as well as some reggae classics original by Studio One. He also did a lot of interviews and walked around the festival terrain, met up with a lot of people (he shook hands and took photos with all kinds of festival goers, also a couple of people in wheelchairs, which is pretty cool!) and was his laid-back very charming self all day. Pictures are added throughout the day in the Shaggy photo gallery. You can read more about Shaggy’s day at Rototom so far right here and here. The concert will also be broadcast on several radio stations at the same time the video is shown, you can find a list of radio stations here.

You can download three mp3’s of Shaggy’s interview by Stefano Piccirillo on Radio Kiss Kiss here (click on the link, then scroll down until you find the Shaggy interview and pics). Shaggy talks about his upcoming album Intoxication and much more, download all three mp3s yourself to find out!

Hot Mc also did an interview with Shaggy where he discusses the current state reggae is in, he defines his music (varied, experimental and meant to satisfy), he talks about Rastafarianism and roots (he tells he did a collaboration on his forthcoming album Intoxication with Sizzla out of respect for him), about always being Mr Lover Lover and not getting tired of it, about the Gulf War (having been at war and in the Marines made him who he is these days), about his plans for the future (releasing his new album Intoxication), about being Jamaican and not forgetting his roots (he did a concert in Washington with Jimmy Cliff and the Skatalites the other day) and about experimenting with his music since the Hot Shot album. Go to the interview here.

Intoxication track list: the new 2007 Shaggy album

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The track list to Shaggy’s upcoming Intoxication album is known! The album features Rik Rok, Tony Gold, Sizzla Kalonji, Collie Buddz, Na’Sha, Akon, Rayvon and Mischieve as guest artists and of course includes Shaggy’s massive number 1 hit Church Heathen. Also, the song from the Reggae Gold 2007 album, More Woman, is on the cd. Intoxication will probably be released August 8th 2007. Take a look at the full Japanese Shaggy Intoxication album track list:

1. Can’t Hold Me
2. Bonafide Girl Feat. Rik Rok And Tony Gold 
3. Intoxication
4. Those Were the Days Featuring Na’Sha (Natasha Watkins)
5. More Woman
6. Woman’s Scorn Ft. Natasha Watkins
7. Mad, Mad World Feat. Sizzla Kalonji & Collie Buddz
8. What’s Love Feat. Akon
9. Outta Control Ft. Rayvon
10. Church Heathen
11. Criteria
12. Wear Di Crown Feat. Mischieve 
13. Holla At You
14. All About Love 
15. Wrong Move

Country specific bonus tracks Shaggy Intoxication Japan:
16. Body A Shake 
17. Reggae Vibes

Source: HMV

July 4, 2007

Shaggy brand new Church Heathen Remix video

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VP Records has just uploaded a better version of the Church Heathen remix video. The original Church Heathen video was a big success and it’s successor doesn’t disappoint. The Church Heathen Remix video takes the concept from the church to the dance floor: there’s the faces we already knew from the church video such as The Pastor (Ninja Man) who’s interested and disapprovingly overseeing his church people go bad, Sista Gwen, the Deacon, Sista Pam and many, many dancers (among whom Mad Michelle, Sadiki, Sample 6, Shelly Belly, Timeless and Shady Squad, the Portmore Dallas dancers, the Cadillac dancers, Doctor Bird and Black Blingaz), shaggy church heathen number one #1 single jamaica reggae dancehall lyrics version instrumental kingston asylum quad ninja man the pastor heathen riddim priest sister sista Gwen Pama hot dancing scene, all set against the background of the Kingston night clubs Quad and Asylum. The church people, who act like they’re all that at day, go bad at night dancing but cover up for church when the Pastor sees them. Shaggy’s looking very cool in the Goth hooded sweater and cap! And of course, there’s the sound of the hard-hitting and controversial Church Heathen. Ninja Man dj’s a part at the end of the video and Shaggy and Ninja talk a bit . Go check it out and buy the single of Shaggy’s upcoming 2007 album Intoxication – according to the New York Times the best in years!

Church Heathen Remix

Church Heathen Original

July 3, 2007

Shaggy’s brand new Church Heathen remix video; more Shaggy in Nabilah, Napoli, Italy live in concert videos

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The successor to the original Church Heathen video from the new 2007 Intoxication album is definitely hot!! The brand new remix video doesn’t have sound but you can see what it’s going to look like. There’s the entrance of Quad, the dance floor in Asylum, Shaggy, Ninja Man, the pastor, Spice a.k.a. sister Gwen, Sister Pam, Mad Michelle, Sadiki, Sample 6, Shelly Belly, Timeless and Shady Squad, the Portmore Dallas dancers, the Cadillac dancers, Doctor Bird and Black Blingaz (and I probably aren’t mentioning a lot of names I should have mentioned if the video were any clearer). And oh yeah, Shaggy’s rocking a cool hooded sweater!

Then, there are three more videos of Shaggy and DJ Kue in concert in the Nabilah club in Napoli, Italy. Shaggy interacts a lot with the crowd and performs Boombastic, Church Heathen and Angel. For more videos of this and other events, check the older posts or the main page.

Church Heathen

Angel – Shaggy’s the one also singing part of Rayvon’s lines!

Mr. Boombastic

July 2, 2007

Shaggy live in Nabilah, Napoli, Italy videos and pics

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Shaggy, DJ Kue and DJ Filos performed at the Nabilah club in Napoli, Italy on June 27. Here are some pics and videos from the concert.

The pics
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6

The videos
Hey Sexy Lady live video
Heathen live video
Mr. Boombastic live video
It Wasn’t Me live video
Angel live video

Shaggy live videos in Nabilah, Napoli, Italy; recording a Boombastic dub plate at Heavy Hammer Studio in Milan

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You’re not going to believe this. Or actually, you are. Here’s 160 MBs of Shaggy videos of Shaggy’s performance at the Nabilah in Napoli, Italy on June 27th. There’s Shaggy performing, DJ Kue dj’ing in the background… too bad they’re not full tracks but enjoy!

I have some more updates of videos, pics and interviews but I guess I should give my hands some rest and not give it all away in one day. If you want more… come back soon!

The videos
Hey Sexy Lady or Hey Sexy Lady live video
Church Heathen or Church Heathen live video
Boombastic or Mr. Boombastic live video
It Wasn’t Me or It Wasn’t Me live video
Angel or Angel live video

A pic of Shaggy at the night club.

Shaggy also recorded a dub plate while a was in Italy, as I told you about a couple of days ago and see, part of it is online! Watch the videos of Shaggy at Heavy Hammer Studio some heavy promotional stuff Shaggy did for Jugglez at:

All videos are at

July 1, 2007

Shaggy interview in Italy

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Shaggy will be back in Italy on July 14, for a performance at the Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Festival, for which a promo interview has been done. Shaggy talks about his career since Boombastic, the music he makes which has to be recognizably Shaggy music, going back to his dancehall roots and still experimenting with his songs and making them available to the mainstream audiences, leaving Universal Music which didn’t support him and his artistic choices for his own label and VP Records, his newest single Church Heathen, and the good state reggae is in right now: Shaggy is proud to be a part of it.

Shaggy’s 2007 album Intoxication will feature collaborations with Sizzla, Red Foxx, Screechy Dan, Rik Rok and Rayvon (and I guess also Na’Sha and Collie Buddz and maybe Akon) and has been produced by Robert Livingston, Tony Kelly, Christopher Birch and, naturally, Sting International. The release date of Intoxication might be kicked back a little though, if this article is right, since the interview says the album will be release just before the end of this year.

The original article, in Italian

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