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January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year everyone! I hope we’ll all have a wonderful 2008. Hopefully we’ll continue to see and hear lots from Shaggy this year as much or more than we’ve seen and heard last year. 2007 brought us Church Heathen, the new Intoxication album, Bonafide Girl featuring Rik Rok and Tony Gold and Like a Superstar by Trix & Flix feat. Shaggy (actually the Like A Superstar single will be released on January 4 2008 for the UEFA EURO 2008 soccer cup in the summer but the video has been on this site since December so…;))m Shaggy was awarded the Jamaican Order of Distinction in the Rank of Commander and he did awesome shows as always last year, just remember for instance the Leeds and London reggae concerts as well as the Singfest 2007 in Singapore with Cyndi Lauper and the Rototom Sunsplash 2007 in Italy – this list could go on and on.

This year, the new single and video by Shaggy feat. Akon for What’s Love will be released and Shaggy will start touring – in a couple of days he’ll perform at the Natalia Meets…En Vogue feat. Shaggy shows in Antwerp, Belgium already. Personally, I hope I’ll finally be able to see Shaggy live in concert again. I’d really like to see him live in concert or maybe even meet him, that would be awesome. Anyway, only some of the 2008 touring dates are known so far so as soon as I know when and where Shaggy will be performing I’ll post them here of course.

Shaggy’s bass guitarist, Michael Fletcher, has already been preparing for the Natalia Meets…En Vogue feat. Shaggy concert series in Antwerp, Belgium for a couple of days and left for a couple of days in between to assist Shaggy on his shows in Trinidad and Bermuda with Collie Buddz. You can view a picture of Michael Fletcher on Natalia’s official site (scroll down to “Natalia meets… the countdown! Dag 1 27/12/2007”, there’s a photo of the Strength of a Woman music on sheet in “Natalia Meets… the countdown! Dag 2 28/12/2007”). Shaggy will be there soon as well and the premiere show opens in a couple of days.

To conclude this post, here are the videos that were posted over the last couple of days online. There’s a video of Shaggy and more at the 2007 MOBOs, Mangotree DJs playing a Church Heathen Dub Plate and the video to the interview – I hadn’t seen them yet, but Ben mailed me that Karim from the Big Yard message boards found them, so props and big up to Karim!

Jamelia, Shaggy, Wayne Wonder, Nate James and more bigging up Flavour Magazine on the 2007 MOBO Awards

Mangotree DJs playing Church Heathen Dubplate at Ewerk Champions Bashment Shaggy interview part I – thanks Ben, Karim and interview with Shaggy part II

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