Shaggy at the Jam Jam Fest in Parco Gallipoli Italy 2009 videos

The first five videos are the newest videos.

DJ Kue's video of Shaggy feat. Jaiden Bonafide Girl, very fun and energetic performance!

DJ Kue's video of I Can't Fight this Feeling, cool!

New! Angel

New! Wild 2Nite

New! Boombastic, Get My Party On and Hey Sexy Lady


Big Up

In the Summertime & It Wasn't Me

Shaggy ft. Na'Sha and Lady Saw Body A Shake

Church Heathen

Clothes Drop and Get Up Stand Up and Fight


I Can't Fight this Feeling

Church Heathen

Fly High

Strenght of a Woman

In the Summertime

Hey Sexy Lady

Videos thanks to strizio, oneblow, RaFFaelus, Phazu, mercuryW, zzVibrationz, trikotrix, wanbliwayaka, MoccySick, mercuryW and DJ Kue.